Darkrai Zoroark Nihilego Updates

This is a very short piece explaining the cards I changed in Darkrai/Zoroark/Nihilego to deal with the issues my original list had. For those who missed the first section, this is a link to it. Before you read this, I want to note that London competitors are probably better off playing the Registeel Genesect list Michael and I posted two days ago. This is simply an update for the players who have been testing Darkrai Zoroark and feel comfortable with it.

Darkrai Zoroark gained some hype after I debuted it, but this excitement came with the constant critique that it lost to Gardevoir. I would contest this notion chronically but eventually came to the conclusion that it was, in fact, a slightly unfavourable matchup. Garbodor was another issue just because of how problematic Garbotoxin is. Lastly, drawing Darkrai GX or other Pokemon at the right time was hard to do. Repeatedly I would have to play Darkrai down from my hand (in the early game) rather than use Restoration, setting me behind by one attachment.

This is a formidable list of issues to overcome. Lucky for me, I adore Darkrai enough to push through these seemingly huge problems. The solutions certainly were not obvious. I tried several different engines including – but not limited to: Energy Switch W/ Parallel City, triple Enhanced Hammer, triple Kukui, Yveltal EX, and Guzzlord GX.

Some of these had more viability than others, however the list I concluded with, plays none of the above. This sixty solves all of the problems I was having, while making the deck more consistent.

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3 thoughts on “Darkrai Zoroark Nihilego Updates

  1. Do you think you could post a gameplay video of you playing this updated deck? That’d be very helpful. I’m trying to run this deck at the moment and would like to see how you play it out.

      1. Awesome! I’ll be looking forward to it! If it ain’t too much of a hassle, I’d also like you to elaborate more on the Volcanion match up. I’m currently having a tough time against it due to how quickly volcanion and Ho-Oh can take knock outs on Darkrai.

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