Social Policy


Any content a user posts to the site will be subject to public viewing. This means any one person has access to view the comments another user posts on any content. (Podcasts, videos, articles, Ect.)

These comments should also be appropriate to view for anyone. You do not know who will see your comments, meaning it is important to make sure they are not explicit in any way. Remember, there is no age requirement for the site, so players from Junior and Senior Divisions can see content as well.

If a user is not sure if their comment is appropriate, assume it is not. We do not want to ban anyone from the site, however if a user repeatedly posts inappropriate comments we may ban them temporarily or permanently, length of ban will be determined by site Admins.

Comments should abide by the following rules:

* No cursing or explicit language of any kind.

* No threats.

* No insults. We realize this can be a gray area at times. Critiques are fine, insults are not. Use constructive criticism rather than negativity.

* No advertisement. This includes trying to promote a website, a YouTube channel, or any other kind of media.

* Spam posts. This refers to comments that hold no meaning or value. These will rarely cause a ban, although repeated spam most may result in a ban.

Commenting is the best way for our viewers to tell us how to improve the site. Any ideas or critiques that a viewer has are welcome in the comment sections of any and all content. If a viewer enjoys a certain kind of post, please comment so we know to make more!

If a viewer doesn’t like something about the site, we want to know. We will not be offended, please tell us. However, please avoid comments that are only negative like “this sucks” or “this post is lame”. Instead say something like “this videos could be improved by having more information on Seismitoad”, or “I wish this piece was more brief”.

Your comments will be exclusively on Meaning, anything you say here will not be shared, or sold to another site or entity.

We have the ability to delete a comment for any reason.

Personal user info

Contributor names will be displayed on the site publically. There is no display name on, only your name. Your username on the other hand will not be shared and will only be used for identification purposes.

We have access to the IP addresses of any user who creates an account. We will not share user IP addresses with any other entities. This feature is strictly to make sure that users are not sharing accounts with others. On Cut or Tap, a user’s account is only for their own use.

We do require the e-mail address of anyone who creates an account. This is mainly for sending out any updates. We can notify users when new content is posted via E-mail; this feature may be turned off if the user prefers.

When a comment is made, we know the time and date of its creation. We also have the E-mail and IP address of anyone who creates a comment. This information is given to us when a user registers for an account as well.


For any children using the site, it should be known that there may be mild profanity in the Fun Podcast. Please check with your parents before watching the Fun Podcast. We suggest that Fun Podcast viewers are thirteen or older.

There may be some mild profanity in the Pro Podcast as well. While profanity in the Pro Podcast is rare. Some guests may accidentally use profanity at times. There is an announcement made at the beginning of every podcast to keep language clean.


We may display advertisements on any part of the site at any time. They will be minimal, and are not intended to do anything aside from fill up empty space.

We will be using Google’s Adsense program. This means we will not control what advertisement a user sees. We are not responsible for an ad that a user finds inappropriate. These ads are based off of the user’s search and purchase history in most cases.

By being on this site, you are consenting to this policy.