Cutortap.com is a central hub of articles, videos and podcasts based on the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Contributors are contacted around the world to post content for this website and in return, subscribed members can view the content for a select price. All contributions are made from professional and experienced Pokemon card players and are moderated by our Cut Or Tap staff.

What Makes Cut or Tap Different?

The Podcasts

Cut Or Tap is the first competitive Pokemon TCG site to implement multiple weekly podcasts. Our podcasts include the Professional Podcast and the Fun Podcast.

The Fun Podcast is made up of Phinn and three of his friends. This podcast is primarily for entertainment purposes. The Fun Podcast is open to anyone with a basic membership. Having a basic membership costs you absolutely nothing, so feel free to watch the Fun Podcast now!

The Professional Podcast lasts 90 minutes and focuses on giving you information about the competitive scene. This podcast will feature Phinn along with three of Pokemon’s strongest players. ¬†Players on this podcast will be very open about their opinions on the game. This podcast is created solely to help you improve. We will focus on topics like: countering the top decks, efficient ways to tech for match ps, and what deck to play. The Pro Podcast is a great option for improving yourself while you may not have the time for some of our other content. This podcast is available for Stage 1 and Stage 2 members.

The Videos

Cut or Tap is also the first competitive Pokemon TCG site to upload premium videos. There will be a variety of different videos including real life matches between players, deck profiles, and other informational pieces.

Our videos will be in HD quality, featuring only high level players. We have video editors to ensure that every video is top notch.

Match up videos will most likely be the bulk of what is uploaded. These videos will feature the following:

  • Both deck lists used in the video. These lists will be displayed for a moment to give viewers an idea of what the players are using. In many cases these lists will be derived from tournament winning lists or other posts on the site, in most cases.
  • A lively commentator who is also a strong player, using a high quality microphone. All videos will feature some sort of commentating.
  • The footage will be taken using a high definition camera in good lighting, to ensure that you can see all of the cards and the board well.
  • Finally, these games will feature little, to no misplays. If there are any mistakes made that alter the winner of a game or match, we will not post the video.

Membership Options

Cut or Tap is the only premium competitive Pokemon site to offer two different payment plans. While other sites only offer a free membership and one paid option, we give subscribers a middle ground.

The Basic Membership is there for casual viewer who want to enjoy the free content that we offer. They can also read the free samples from any of our premium articles.

The Stage 1 Membership is for the more serious player who may not as much money to spend on a monthly basis. This subscription also works for anyone who is looking for a little more content but may not want to delve heavily into the game.

The Stage 2 Membership is for those who want total access. This is specifically for the players that are hungry for better tournament results. Anyone looking to improve their play quickly should look to this option. The content for Stage 2 members are created by the best in the game. If you want what they have, this is the membership for you!


Bellow is a link to a list of our Cut or Tap Staff and Writers.