Darkrai GX/Zoroark GX and Zoroark GX/Nihilego GX

Hey Everyone! Today I have a new deck based around Darkrai GX and some of the new cards from Crimson Invasion and Shining Legends. I also have a Zoroark Nihilego deck which I think has potential. Trade is an amazing ability that I have quickly grown to love. However, it does not work perfectly with everything. Darkrai is a natural partner because it benefits from being discarded.

Darkrai GX/Zoroark GX/Nihilego GX

This deck runs on aggression and consistency. This is the most consistent deck I have experienced in this format. In fact, the deck is so consistent, that it is beating decks that we would normally think are negative matchups. Normally you would think Gardevoir would be any Zoroark or Darkrai based deck. Not this time. Darkrai has a solid 50/50 against Gardevoir. Don’t believe me? I have an episode of gameplay analysis coming up soon that is sure to convince you.

How to play it

The way to play the deck in the Garde matchup (but basically in all matchups) is to play every card you see. This deck is not necessarily easy to play, but in a sense, it is because you drop like all your tools as soon as you see them. I play Elixir almost always as soon as I see it and I try to play Sycamore turn 1 every game. I play the deck very aggressively, and that is usually the only way I am able to beat Gardevoir.

Avoid attacking with Zoroark GX. I like to treat Zoroark as more of an Octillery type support card. The ability to discard Darkrai GX or a Dark from hand AND draw two cards in exchange is huge. I hate to lose this ability by making it possible for my opponent to knock out Zoroark by putting it in the active. At the same time, you can use it more in the Garbodor matchup, and the GX attack is a strong asset. Overall zoroark GX is an extremely powerful addition, but not a card I attack with very much at all.

This deck has a pretty clear plan for how it takes all six prizes in any given matchup. You are going to Dead End GX something taking two prizes-usually in the mid to late game. You will take another two prizes on a Tapu Lele GX at some point with a Choice Band and either a Reverse Valley or a Nihilego. And then for the last two prizes, you can either knock out two different one prizers, or simply two-shot something. Keep this in mind when you are playing the deck because it can help a lot with planning for future turns.

To be clear here I have tested few matchups with this deck thus far. Gardevoir has been 90% of my testing because if I cannot beat Gardevoir at least 40 to 45 percent of the time, this deck is not worth playing. But like I said, the matchup is 50/50. This is a percentage I am very ok with, considering how extremely consistent the deck is.

One of the other matchups I tested was Deciduey Buzzwole; the deck I posted in my last article. I actually won the set I played against it, and it does seem positive. The Scoop Ups make a big difference because Buzzwole rarely one-shots Darkrai (especially because of Fury Belt). With Dead End, you actually get ahead in the trade and usually win the two-shot trade by taking advantage of Nihilego and Super Scoop Up.

This is the list!

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One thought on “Darkrai GX/Zoroark GX and Zoroark GX/Nihilego GX

  1. Love the deck. I’m playing something very similar, but with Raichu for paralysis, which is a stage 1 but gets around the retreat etc and can also be used to stall if things are getting out of hand. I’ll try Nihilego when I get some.
    Playing a lot online it often feels like I’m just short of where I want to be a fair bit. Might something like Oricorio be useful to come in as a late game closer? Often it’s only a case of 20 damage here or there where I didn’t hit the Reverse Valley so I think it’s worth a look. Kukui also springs to mind but would get in the way early on.

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