“Got Any Trades?”: Zoroark GX’s Viability in Expanded

Hey, Cut Or Tap readers!  I’m really happy to be back writing again!  I have taken a pretty long break from writing because school is starting up, but I should be able to write a little more frequently from now on.

Today I am going to talk about Zoroark GX in Expanded and why I believe it is the best deck to play in San Jose by a huge margin.  I am sadly not going to be in attendance, but I still spent a lot more time testing this deck than I have been testing other decks for Standard.  First off, let’s break down Zoroark GX as a card in isolation.

I love that Pokemon printed a card like this.  Having another consistency card that can attack with a good bit of bulk is great for the format.  Trade is one of the best Abilities printed in a while; it was previously seen on Empoleon DEX.  Unlike Empoleon, though, Zoroark is a Stage 1, making it much easier to set up for any deck.  Furthermore, Riotous Beating is basically a Raichu XY’s Circle Circuit with 20 extra damage.  This extra 20 allows Zoroark to hit for 120 (150 with Choice Band) with five benched Pokemon, and 180 (210 with Choice Band) with eight benched Pokemon (with Sky Field)!  Trickster GX is also an incredible asset in many games, being able to copy any attack on your opponent’s board.  I have used it to copy everything from Dangerous Rogue GX to Sky Return, all swinging the tides of many games.

Zoroark GX  decks can seamlessly integrate both Zoroark BKT and/or Zoroark BLW.  Both of these cards add a lot of value to any Zoroark deck, allowing you to utilize Stand In for switching, Mind Jack for other high bench size decks, Nasty Plot to find any card you may need, and Foul Play to copy any attack on your opponent’s Active Pokemon.  Both of these attackers can help with lots of other matchups, including M Rayquaza, Sableye/Garb, Turbo Turtles, Zoroark/Lycanroc, and Shock Lock.

After thinking about all of the tools Zoroark GX has at its disposal, I thought that it would be much better to build a Zoroark GX deck with no real gimmicks like Lycanroc GX or Alolan Muk – just a straight consistency list built to win games that it really should not win, based on sheer consistency and raw power.  I am really excited about this deck and I think it has massive potential going forward for San Jose.

Here’s the list!

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