Four Decks That Beat Night March and Item Lock

Hey guys, Phinn again. If you guys are like me, you’re looking at an odd format for Worlds. Most of us have realized that not a lot has changed with Steam Siege being around. It is almost unanimous among good players that the top decks to be expected at Worlds are either Night March, or based around item lock.  However, because of that, we may actually run into a meta that is completely different. With Worlds, you have to remember that everyone knows what they’re doing. You cannot expect people to play the same decks that they would play in any other tournament.

This piece will explain to you what to do with this rare meta. I cover what decks I think can thrive in this meta, and all of the decks I am considering. Specifically, there are four choices that I think have potential to be good plays.

First, I want to address some questions to think about when going into our Worlds format.

What do people think will be played?
This is a great starting point because it has the most obvious answer. I talk to high level players daily and the decks that these players all expect to see are:

  • Night March (and it’s variants)
  • Vileplume variants
  • Trevenant
  • Seismitoad (variants, or as a tech in a deck)

All of these players expect other decks to pop up as well, although these are the decks they all agree will see the most play.

The problem with such a predictable meta, is that it will cause good players to find new options. When so many players know exactly what is good, it usually results in high-level players using something other than what is considered the best deck. This does not mean you should consider the decks listed above as sub-par options. Many high-level players like to follow the trends and stick with what has already done well. Night March is a perfect example of this.

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