“Solutions and Evolution:” How to Approach Thinking about New and Old Formats

Hello, Cut or Tap readers! Bodhi here again to talk about something a little off the beaten path of our current format. I believe we have pushed it very close, if not all the way to the edge in terms of solving the current metagame. Our main topic today will be about advanced and solved formats, and I’ll elaborate on their meaning and how they are currently relevant to the game. I’m not going to talk about Steam Siege in this article, as many other writers on practically every site are discussing its impact for the upcoming World Championships, so I will leave that job to them.

Whenever we are gifted with a new set of cards, as we are four times a year, or when we get cute little miniature sets like Generations, our decks and our style of playing are almost always influenced by a growing cardpool, therefore renewing and creating a new play environment. At the beginning of this new format’s life cycle it is very unexplored, and many players like to stick with what they know. Often a new set won’t completely nullify previous archetypes, but as we continue to play a format, innovation and growth is inevitable. This is what we call the evolution, or advancement of formats, pushing this ever-changing game forward on to the next step, so the game doesn’t become boring or stale.

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