Cut or Tap Pro Podcast Episode 5

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In this episode we have Isreal Sosa and Jeffrey Cheng as special guests. Bodhi Tracy, Daniel Altavilla, are back as well. We talk more about Zoroark and some other theory with Isreal. However, we also build a Greninja Talonflame list together. While some of us are skeptical about the deck at first, we eventually decide that the deck has a lot of potential. This is the list we decided upon:
3 froakie
4 frogadier
3 Greninja (shadow stitch)
1 Greninja (water shuriken)
2 Greninja BREAK
4 Tallonflame

3 Rough Seas
3 Prof. Sycamore
4 N
4 Vs Seeker
1 Fisherman
1 Lysandre
1 Delinquent
1 Wally

1 Battle Compressor
2 level ball
2 Ultra Ball
4 Dive Ball
3 Bursting Balloon
2 Super Rod
3 Trainer’s Mail

8 water

Phinn also covers this deck in his most recent article here: