Expanded guide to match ups for Blastoise, ZoroGarb, and ZoroControl

Before we get into this article, I want to make you aware that this post has a small library of my current lists. Recently I have been working hard on improving many of these lists and making the post easier to navigate. There are deck for current Standard, current Expanded, and Standard + Cosmic Eclipse. Check it out!

Many of our subscribers have explained that they care most about match up descriptions and in-depth articles about specific archetypes. With that in mind, I figured I could re-write an article on ZoroGarb in Expanded for a third (fourth? fifth?) time, or I could go over several match ups. The three decks that this article explains are among my top picks for Richmond and ironically enough they are three of five decks that I expect to face the most at Richmond. Normally I am exploring rogue or strange decks, but at the moment I am just playing the meta with a spicy tech here and there.

Knowing which decks we want to beat in Expanded is where we want to start because knowing exactly how to play against every single Expanded deck is not a very realistic goal. Going into Richmond, the following are the decks I hear players in the community talking about.

Decks to beat:

  • ZoroControl
  • Sableye Garbodor
  • MewtwoPlume
  • Turbo Dark
  • Archie’s Blastoise
  • Mewtwo M-Gardevoir
  • Rayquaza
  • HitmonWobb
  • BuzzShrine
  • Night March
  • ZoroToad
  • Mewtwo Hand lock
  • ZoroGarb

This list does not narrow it down much for us because we still have 13 decks. Let’s narrow it down a little further to the top five decks to beat. Everyone has a different take on this of course, but my list looks like this:

  1. Archie’s Blastoise
  2. ZoroControl
  3. Turbo Dark
  4. Mewtwo M-Gardevoir
  5. ZoroGarb

Since those are the decks I am most concerned with beating, they are the 5 decks that I explain how to play against when piloting Blastoise, ZoroGarb, and ZoroControl. There will be lists for these decks as well of course. I have my current list for Turbo Dark at the end as well. First off we have good ol’ reliable ZoroGarb.


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