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This post is where I have my current deck lists and ideas. There are dates under each list indicating the last day they were updated. Not every list or variant of a deck is on this page, but you can find a list for most archetypes here. This post will consist of current Standard and Expanded format lists. However, I will post lists from time to time that are in future formats (including cards that will be released in future sets). You can find lists in past Standard and Expanded formats on this page. I’ll write sections on here from time to time as well, which may end up in future articles. The idea is to make it possible for subscribers to see the ideas in progress and have access to lists before they are posted in articles. You can find a few decks before the paywall, although to see the majority of these lists you will be required to be a Stage 2 subscriber.

Standard + Sword & Shield lists are now posted!

Standard: (Ultra Prism – Cosmic Eclipse)


Pokémon – 20 Trainers – 32 Energy – 8
 4 Inkay  4 Cynthia  4 Mysterious Treasure  7 Psychic
 4 Malamar  4 Lillie  4 Pokemon Communication  1 Fighting
 2 Giratina  1 Cynthia & Caitlin  4 Switch
 4 Jirachi  1 Faba  1 Great Catcher
 1 Ditto Prism Star  2 Escape Board
 1 Jynx (UNM)  3 Viridian Forest  1 Lana’s Fishing Rod
 1 Mimikyu (97/236)  3 Spell Tag
 1 Mew
 1 Blacephalon (104/236)
 1 Giratina & Garchomp GX

11 Jan 2020

The Jynx is a tech I came up with as a way to deal with mirrors and Roxie ChompTina. In the mirror, the player who can use Blacephalon to drop 12 ends up winning almost every time. The game reaches a point where both players are trying to avoid giving their opponent the Blown turn, so they use Mew to set up a multi-prize turn. Jynx avoids this issue because you can mess up your opponent’s math, making it much harder (if not impossible) for them to take a multi-prize turn before you can. An even better way to use Jynx is by knocking out one of your own Pokemon, forcing your opponent to go down to three prizes before you attack, allowing you to drop 12 with Blown. Jynx helps with ChompTina because you stop them from being able to use Roxie damage to take multi-prize turns. Each turn you move one damage from Mew or Jirachi up to your Giratina, which has no downside since they will be OHKO’ing Giratina with or without that damage counter there. In niche situations you also might be able to buy yourself an extra turn by using Attract Smack, which can Paralyze on a coin flip.

The few techs in this list make a huge difference, leaving it open to be occupied by as many consistency cards as possible. How often do you see a Mally list that actually fits in a 9th draw Supporter and four Switch?? If you have been a subscriber to Cut or Tap for a while, you know how much I dislike Acro Bike. The card ends up taking away as much consistency as it adds because it forces you to discard important cards too often. Players keep telling me they want to fit stuff like the third Switch, third Viridian, and 4th Communication – just cut Acro Bikes! I am far more interested in playing the heavy Switch than Acros because it helps a great deal with increasing your chances of getting the turn-two Shadow Impact AND propels you through the rest of the game. Most of the community does not play that many Switch because it seems irrelevant to them once they have an Escape Board on Jirachi, but that logic is flawed. An extra Stellar Wish is the difference between having a Tag on Giratina mid-game, or getting the Viridian to find your ChompTina’s Energy, or having a second shot at Stellar Wishing for a Supporter when you get Stamped.

Mewtwo Mew

Pokémon – 21 Trainers -27 Energy – 12
3 Mewtwo & Mew GX 4 Welder 1 Mysterious Treasure 1 Rainbow
4 Dedenne GX 1 Guzma & Hala 4 Cherish Ball 1 Weakness Guard
4 Jirachi 2 Mallow & Lana 1 Escape Board 2 Psychic
1 Solgaleo GX 1 Cynthia & Caitlin 2 Stealthy Hood 8 Fire
1 Charizard GX (9/68) 2 Tag Call
1 Magcargo GX 3 Giant Hearth 2 Great Catcher
1 Mega Lopunny & Jigglypuff GX 1 Viridian Forest 3 Switch
1 Espeon Deoxys GX
1 Naganadel GX
1 Reshiram & Charizard GX
1 Marshadow (UNB)
1 Charizard & Braixen GX
1 Latios GX

11 Jan 2020

The most consistent Welder archetype, matched with techs to fit the meta.

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