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This post is where I have my current deck lists and ideas. There are dates under each list indicating the last day they were updated. Not every list or variant of a deck is on this page, but you can find a list for most archetypes here. This post will consist only of current Standard and Expanded format lists. You can find lists in past Standard and Expanded formats on this page. I’ll write sections on here from time to time as well, which may end up in future articles. The idea is to make it possible for subscribers to see the ideas in progress and have access to lists before they are posted in articles. You can find a few decks before the paywall, however to see the majority of these lists you will be required to be a Stage 2 subscriber.

Standard: (Ultra Prism – Cosmic Eclipse)


Pokémon – 20 Trainers – 32 Energy – 8
 4 Inkay  4 Cynthia  4 Mysterious Treasure  7 Psychic
 4 Malamar  4 Lillie  4 Pokemon Communication  1 Recycle
 2 Giratina  1 Cynthia Caitlin  3 Switch
 4 Jirachi  1 Great Catcher
 1 Ditto Prism Star  3 Viridian Forest  1 Escape Board
 1 Espeon Deoxys GX  1 Shrine of Punishment  2 Lana’s Fishing Rod
 1 Mimikyu (97/236)  3 Spell Tag
 1 Mew  1 Adventure Bag
 1 Blacephalon (104/236)
 1 Marshadow (81/214)

23 Nov 2019

Marshadow was added because Chaotic Swell presents problems. You need to be able to discard a card and search for an Energy very frequently in the early game, so Marshadow is there to make it possible to play Viridian when Chaotic Swell is in play. Three Spell Tags is the perfect count now that the list has two Lana’s Fishing Rod and one Adventure Bag. Lana’s Fishing Rod and Bag are also the reason I have cut down to one Escape Board. As strong as Blacephalon is, there really is no need for more than one. Blacephalon is not as overpowered as many players were expecting. I find myself not even using it in some games because I would rather Shadow Impact for 130 than drop 12 damage. Clearly I am a huge fan of Lana’s Fishing Rod; honestly the card being printed helps the deck more than Blacephalon does because it creates more space in the deck, while making the one Blown recoverable.

I believe that nine is the lowest number of draw Supporters that Malamar can play without running into unbearable dead-draw issues. There are several Supporters from the new set that could be played in tthis list, but with the draw problems that Malamar inherently has, the only Supporters I can consider are those that draw cards. When you narrow it down this way, the new options are: Cynthia Cailin, Roxie, Lillie’s Full Force, and Roller Skater. Lillie’s Full Force is only strong in Malamar lists that play the new Solgaleo Lunala GX, but the other three options each have some merrit. Personally I like Cynthia Caitlin the most because it guarantees you have a draw Supporter in your hand for the next turn. Roxie and Skater are a bit situational.

Gardevoir Sylveon

Pokémon – 6 Trainers – 45 Energy – 9
 4 Gardevoir Sylveon GX  4 Green’s Exploration  4 Pokegear 3.0  9  Fairy
 1 Mega Lopunny Jigglypuff GX  3 Coach Trainer  4 Custom Catcher
 1 Omastar  3 Cynthia Caitlin  3 Switch
 1 Mallow Lana  3 Tag Call
 2 Reset Stamp
 4 Power Plant  2 Great Potion
 2 Energy Spinner
 2 Tag Switch
 1 Adventure Bag
 1 Great Catcher
 1 Island Challenge Amulet
 1 Choice Helmet
 1 Pokemon Communication
 1 Unidentified Fossil
 1 Rare Candy
 1 Fairy Charm P

23 Nov 2019

Gardeon is looking solid, but does have a few key flaws. most obnoxiously, Ability Zard certainly still presents big problems. Pidgeotto Control was hard to beat with the previous lists, but Omastar actually swings it into your favor. Without access to Reset Stamp or Chip-Chip, the Pidgeotto player is unable to hand-lock you. The only way I can see Pidgeotto winning is through using Cold Crush twice via Misty Lorelei, or of course if the Gardeon player prizes part of the Omastar combo and cannot dig it out fast enough. Omastar also wins the Doll-Stall match up.

Malamar is a favorable match up because of the Great Potions, but Mallow Lana makes a huge impact as well. This is especially true because those Cynthia Caitlin can recover Mallow Lana, and potentially let you get the 120 heal four times in one game. ADP is favorable because of your healing and their weakness. Mewtwo is favorable because of Mega Lopunny Jigglypuff and Fairy Charm P. Honestly Gardeon beats most of the meta!

The Island Challenge Amulet is another huge addition for the deck, because it allows you to cut Xerneas GX. The deck used initiate the 8-prize-trade by having the opponent knock out a Xerneas and then force them to go through two Gardeon. Now that Amulet is around, they have to deal with three Gardeon. This is a much stronger route because Mallow Lana can provide the healing you need to deal with Malamar. The only strong use Xerneas had was for Malamar decks, so there is not much of a reason to use it when you can Green’s Search to turn Gardeon into a two-prizer.

I decided to play four Custom Catcher along with one Great Catcher because new formats tend to have a high number of rogue decks. Any deck taking advantage of the Red Blue engine will be evolving from a one-prize Basic, which cannot be Great Catcher’d. Malamar can also force you into eating four, maybe even five Spell Tags (Lana’s Rod recovers Spell Tag) if you play no Custom Catcher. Custom Catchers also draw cards when you start off with a rough hand, and drawing cards actually can make a difference later in the game when you are Stamped to a small hand.

I liked Gardeon two weeks ago when I posted my first Cosmic Eclipse list and it seems like the deck has only gotten stronger, with the exception of the deck losing to one of the most important decks to beat. And that certainly is one big exception.

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