The Expanded Predicament – A Quick Look At Seismitoad Garbodor & Zoroark Eggs

The current problem we run into with Expanded is that there are few decks that beat Zoroark consistently, and decks like Glaceon and Toad Garb that do beat Zoroark end up having a negative matchup against many other archetypes. You could make the argument that Garbodor does have a decent matchup spread with a decent Zoroark matchup, but Zoroark is going to be playing two Blower which makes it a negative matchup for Garbodor. On top of that, if one does play Zoroark and somehow avoids or beats the counters, they would still have to beat Zoroark mirrors which are not skill based.

This might lead you to decide that Zoroark and Garbodor are both going to be suboptimal options for Salt Lake City, or any Expanded League Cups coming up. What are your options at that point?…

In this piece I am going to explain what I think some of your options are, and why I currently like Toad Garb and a revised Zoroark Eggs list more than anything else in Expanded.

Why Toad Garb?

Today I played in a cup in Fresno where I won with Toad Garb, and that is because it is one of the only (if not the only) consistent deck that beats Zoroark. I played against Zoroark in top 8 and top 4, as well as four out of my five Swiss rounds, which by the way were also best of three. I can say with confidence that it is more than a good answer to Zoroark decks.

The reason this option stands out to me (other than what I just discussed) is that it has the potential to beat any deck just by getting a well timed N + Garbotoxin + Quacking Punch combo. I beat a Buzzwole deck today just by announcing Quacking Punch over and over. This sort of gimmicky way of stealing games is becoming a big part of what makes a deck in Expanded top tier. Pretty much every that is top tier at the moment has some way to win a game just by combining ability lock or item denial with something to lock opponents out of playing the game. Toad Garb fits these criteria, giving it the potential to beat essentially anything out there with a little luck.

Seismitoad is also a card fewer players are ready for, now that it has been considered a lower tier option. Maybe this is more exclusive to my area, but until today nobody was really considering Toad Garb to be a legitimate option. This is the best time to play Toad; when nobody is ready for it.

The problems with Toad Garb

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3 thoughts on “The Expanded Predicament – A Quick Look At Seismitoad Garbodor & Zoroark Eggs

  1. great! how do you think the zoroark vs garb matchup is after adding in the 2nd blower?

      1. ive been playing a lot of expanded recently and ive been playtesting that matchup in particular a lot. i find that drampa garbodor beats lonzo more but the zoroark eggs is better against it. it often depends on who goes first.

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