Crimson invasion & Shining Legends Notable Cards and New Decks; Introducing Buzzwole Decidueye and Silvally Kartana

Hey readers! Today I have a piece talking about the new sets soon to be released. For this article, I have explanations for every card that I believe will be relevant, followed by two decks using main attackers from the new sets. I have way more ideas for future articles and will be coming out with two to three new decks over the next week. For this article, the decks I’m covering are Buzzwole Decidueye and Silvally Kartana.

To start I want to talk about the cards that can be played in anything, or at least the cards that will be played in more than just a niche deck or a single archetype.

Cards that will be played in multiple decks

Shining Legends

There are almost no cards in Shining Legends that will be played in multiple decks. Zoroark GX is the obvious best card from the set and will see play as its own deck, as well as a tech in some decks for the added draw. However, Warp Energy is also a card that could see pay in multiple decks. Damage Remover might be seen in Drampa decks (but I sort of doubt it). Marshadow could be played in some decks. And lastly Lugia could be seen in anything playing Double Colorless Energy; Lugia actually might be a pretty good card, not sure yet.

Crimson Invasion

On the other hand, Crimson Invasion does have a decent number of cards that probably will see play in multiple decks. Nihilego GX and Kartana GX are very splash-able. Anything that has a little extra room on the bench can play either of these cards.

Counter Catcher is a good card that helps to give players a shot at coming back into a game where they are unfavored. It is a great comeback card taking advantage of (debatably) the strongest effect in the game. Being able to Catcher and Sycamore in the same turn is an incredible combination. Counter Catcher certainly will see play.

Silvally GX is a colorless attacker which means it can be played with anything. The ability helps further because it makes Basic-based decks a little smoother.

Gladion can be played in any deck, but works especially well in decks with several one-ofs.

Lusamine could be good, but I doubt it to a degree just because players could play another supporter rather than one that recovers supporters. It could replace Lillie in specific decks just because it can recover Guzma or stadiums like Po Town. At first glance, I do not see a whole lot of potential.

If decks end up playing Nihilego and Espeon EX, then Sea of Nothingness might end up being played. Again, I sort of doubt this will be the case, but it could happen.

Lastly, Counter Energy is certainly a very strong card that fits into a niche sort of deck. The deck would be based around one prize Pokemon that uses attackers that require multiple of a specific type of energy (not Double Colorless). If you think about what decks actually fit these criteria, it is actually very rare. Greninja is a one-prize deck using a specific type of energy but only needs one. Night March is one-prize based and uses two energy, but the energy can be colorless. I cannot think of a deck that actually does meet these criteria. This card could help create an archetype, but currently, cannot be played in anything without a significant change to the attackers.

Other than the cards aforementioned, everything else is going to potentially be a new archetype, or will only be able to fit into one specific archetype. Nothing else will be universally playable. Let’s get into the potential for the rest of the cards!

Potentially Powerful Cards

Crimson Invasion

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