“May the Forest Be With You: Discovering DeciPlume for Nationals

What’s up, Cut or Tap readers? It has been a little while since my last article and I wanted to update everyone on my own personal Pokemon journey with some awesome news: I made it to Worlds! After a grind of a season and a last minute trip to the Origins Special Event in Columbus, Ohio, I am now invited to the 2017 Pokemon World Championships in Anaheim, California. I am super excited to let you all know how my tournament went at Origins, how my decklist for DeciPlume has changed since Origins, and to explain some of my thoughts going into the North American International Championships happening later this week in Indianapolis, Indiana. While there are many potential different decks to play for Nationals, let’s go over the list I played at Origins:

Origins DeciPlume

Pokémon – 24 Trainers – 29 Energy – 7
4 Rowlet 4 Professor Sycamore 4 Ultra Ball 4 Double Colorless
4 Dartrix 3 N 4 Trainers’ Mail 2 Grass
4 Decidueye GX 2 Lysandre 3 Level Ball 1 Rainbow
2 Oddish AOR 2 Revitalizer
2 Gloom AOR 2 Float Stone
2 Vileplume AOR 1 Field Blower
2 Shaymin EX ROS
1 Tapu Lele GX
1 Drampa GX 4 Forest of Giant Plants
1 Espeon EX BKP
1 Tapu Koko SM30

General Strategy

For those who are newer to the game, or for those of you who want a quick refresher on DeciPlume, you want to quickly establish a board state with a Decidueye-GX and Vileplume to quickly overwhelm your opponent. Irritating Pollen is quite an annoying Ability to play around, with how reliant most decks are on their precious Items, and Decidueye-GX can continuously use Feather Arrow to do plenty of damage over the course of a game. The deck also utilizes many different “tech” attackers to attack your opponent or to further your own setup while also under lock. Overall, the deck is a massive threat once set up, and can steal games by Irritating Pollen alone.

Tech Cards

This list is slightly different from some of the other DeciPlume builds that have been popular until now, and I wanted to go over some of the newer ideas that I put into this list. Like any other deck in the format, I will try my best to bring new ideas to help decks keep current in order to continue their viability in format. Here are some of the “newer” cards in the deck:

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