“Choose Your Character!” Meta Predictions for North American Intercontinentals

USA Intercontinentals is less than a week away, and the unfortunate truth is that most people still don’t know what they are playing. I am here to help those players figure that out with my metagame predictions, and with what decks I expect to be making it to Day 2 of the event. Some archetypes will be better for players just looking to hit Day 2, while others will give the user a harder Day 1 with an easier Day 2 (if they make it). These are the decks that I recommend:

  • Zoroark Umbreon
  • Vespiquen Herdier Zoroark
  • Vespiquen Flareon Zoroark
  • Garbodor Espeon
  • Decidueye
  • Greninja

Anything else, in my opinion, is an inferior play to one of these choices. No one deck from that list is going to be the best choice for every player, because each player has different strengths and weaknesses that need to be acknowledged when deciding what is best to play for the biggest event in the history of Pokemon. Now that we have our options, I can show you what I think the meta will be.

Predicted percentage of each archetype


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