I will play Pokemon again

As I am writing this, my Fall term at Sacramento State is wrapping up. After I finish up these last three weeks, I will have a Spring and Summer term left before my graduation. Lately I have been thinking a lot about what I will do with my degree in economics. My plan from the start was to play Pokemon professionally after getting a degree, which of course I did do while going to college in my first couple years. I actually don’t intend to do anything with my degree. I have stopped playing over the pandemic because without the experience of tournaments in person, the game loses a lot of value for me. On top of that, the format seems like hot garbage, but a bad format can frequently be remedied by creative deck building in my experience. This break from Pokemon is only a break, I think, and my plan is to start playing professionally once again around August of 2021. This would also mean I would resume writing here again, which I very much enjoyed in the past. By that time, I hope to test and compete seriously with team cut or tap as we did before Corona hit. Hopefully my graduation will coincide with the world opening back up again.

This time frame may be seen as long. Any momentum I had before with this website has surely died down almost entirely. With newcomers in the game, I expect Cut or Tap will be a team and website many have not heard of and others have forgotten by mid-2021. That being said, I’m certain that we will earn our reputation back quickly.

It may be far in some people’s eyes, but Cut or Tap will be returning in the future.