All About The ‘Goon-Jamins’, Baby


Good morning everybody! It’s been a while since I wrote my last article for Cut or Tap, but I’m back with some of that new new for everybody. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to even attempt traveling to Toronto, but it all worked out because I had the opportunity to hang with my wife on her birthday. Some of the concepts I’ll talk about today are ones that had potential to translate into the play over in Ontario. I knew that if Toronto Regionals had played out, the meta would have looked something like this:

  • 30-40% ADP
  • 10-20% Baby Blowns
  • >10% Malamar
  • >10% Magcargo
  • The rest of the bunch would include Firebox, Pikarom, Mewtwo, and a few Cincinno Mill. I would expect very little of these to show up.

If I was expecting these matchups in a tournament, it would be very easy to see how ADP and Baby Blowns could rise to the top and take the win almost every time. You have ADP as the best deck in format and Baby Blowns as the main antagonist – it’s a simple game of cat and mouse. But what if you introduced a Goon into the mix? This is one of the concepts I cooked up in the lab.

Galarian Obstagoon

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