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As much as I enjoy a good rogue deck, sometimes I need a break. Recently I have been enjoying Mewtwo Mew more than any of the other meta decks and I felt it was time someone made an article about Mewthree in the current format. We have to acknowledge that Gardeon winning this past weekend makes things harder for Mewthree, but that is actually less of an issue than people might think. Consider that Ability Zard won Regionals, just before Gardeon did. Gardeon historically takes a terrible ReshiZard match up, so one would think that Gardeon would be the last thing you want to play going into Daytona. This is a common theme, where the deck that wins the last event ends up doing quite poorly at the next event, especially when there are known counters to the deck. When we look at the trends of Regionals, Mewthree starts to look pretty well placed. In this article I cover the following:

  • Mewtwo Mew Skeleton
  • My Mewthree list for San Diego
    List details, potential additions, and other list information
  • Discussing the idea of playing Mewthree without techs for Malamar
  • Match up descriptions
    Including: ADP, the mirror, Malamar, Ability Zard, Baby Blowns, and Pidgeotto Control
  • Why Mewthree is a great play and will sustain it’s viability

Let’s start with a skeleton

Mewtwo Mew Skeleton

Pokémon – 13   Trainers -19   Energy – 10
3 Mewtwo Mew GX   4 Welder 1 Mysterious Treasure   8 Fire
3 Dedenne GX   1 Cynthia & Caitlin 1 Reset Stamp   2 Psychic
1 Marshadow (UNB)       4 Cherish Ball      
1 Solgaleo GX   3 Giant Hearth 2 Switch      
1 Charizard GX       1 Tag Call      
1 Magcargo GX       2 Great Catcher      
1 Mega Lopunny Jigglypuff GX                
1 Espeon Deoxys GX                
1 Naganadel GX                

From this base, a list can either take the Jirachi approach or the Pokegear approach. If you value your bench spots more and find Jirachi to take up too much space in the list, you will want to play four Pokegear and a fourth Dedenne GX. You may want to fit Acro Bikes as well. If you like having a good starter and find Jirachi to be a little more reliable than it’s alternative, you will need three to four Jirachi along with at least one Escape Board. I would also suggest upping the Switch count and adding Guzma Hala in this version.

Personally I prefer Jirachi because it helps with problems that Mega Lopunny Jigglypuff can present. With two Jirachi out, finding Welder will not require using Dedechange as often; having four GXs in play means Mega Lopunny is knocking you out, so having one less Dedenne in play can make a huge difference. Another reason I prefer Jirachi is because it can find other Trainers. People tend to think of Jirachi as essentially the Pokemon form of Pokegear, however it is important to remember that Jirachi can search out crucial pieces like Giant Hearth and Cherish Ball, instead of only Welder. This might not seem like an argument I need to make, because most of us already agree that the Jirachi build is optimal in the new meta. I feel it is important to emphasize how strong Jirachi really is in this deck because players can forget how much it does for Mewthree, leading to them cut down on the number of Jirachi in their list and drop Switch counts.

This is the Mewthree list I am considering for San Diego:

Current Mewtwo Mew

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  1. Thanks for the article. Focused breakdowns on how to approach MUs are what I personally like to see the most and is the determining factor as to if I invest past a paywall.

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