Shaggy Quaggy: a new look on NagQuag

Hello cut or tap readers, its Hunter back again with another article on a special deck poised for success at the upcoming Atlantic City Regional Championships. The meta two weeks out from AC has shifted slightly with an influx of Non-GX Ability Fire Box and a slight increase in Malamar hype. For the most part the top five decks are still the same: Mew3Box, PikaRom, AbilityZard, Malamar, and Blowns. The key to this meta in my opinion is finding a Non-GX centered deck with options to take large KOs against Tag Team decks but also taking multiple prizes against Non-GX decks. I wanted a deck that was more consistent than playing a mere four supporters to high roll my way to victory with virtually no skill involved besides hitting welder. This line of thought brought me to Naganadel/Qaugsire (which I will refer to as NagQuag). NagQuag in the past was the butt of many jokes. Its’ consistency was weak, the game plan of Towering Splash GX was easily countered by Mew, and NagQuag had no access to a solid Pokemon ability draw engine. The prior problems of NagQuag are solved by some new attacking options, a skeleton based on consistency, and a slower format overall. Here is the list that currently holds my top pick spot for Atlantic city.


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