Green’s ReshiZard – the fire variant that gives you control

The biggest issue I have with decks like Mewtwo Box and Ability Zard are that they run almost entirely on Welder and Dedenne, leaving your match results largely up to drawing those at the right time. Discarding too many of one card or another off Dedechange, or prizing two Welder, can easily lose you games. That is exactly why I prefer Green’s; this variant of ReshiZard gives you more control over match outcomes than the other Welder decks by giving you almost perfect deck-search through Green’s Exploration.

The main flaw that Green’s Zard has, is that a well timed Reset Stamp might create problems which cannot be solved. Not every Reset Stamp will be detrimental and your opponent will not always be able to use Stamp at the best time, but when it does happen, you may lose games that you otherwise would have won. The reason why this is not a problem for me is that Reset Stamp is not incredibly popular right now, and playing the deck well can frequently circumnavigate any need to draw specific cards off Stamp.

My interest in this deck is ironic considering how many times I argued that ReshiZard Ninetales was the better variant leading up to Worlds. The reason for this change of heart has been due to Reset Stamp seeing far less popularity than we predicted two or three months ago. I also like Green’s because the decks which just won the last two Regionals (Gardeon & PikaRom) are both favorable match ups for this deck, as is Mewtwo Box, which of course won Worlds. Right now the stars look to be aligning in a great way, which is why I am now considering ReshiZard as highly as Dark Box. I thought there would not be another deck out there which I could argue had 50/50 or better match ups against the whole top tier, but it seems Green’s does.

This article describes how to play each of the match ups against the top five decks, which include: Mewtwo Box, PikaRom, ReshiZard Abilities, Blacephalon, and Malamar. This article also covers different techs that can be included in the list, details about specific counts or techs, and the general strategy. It should be noted that the General Strategy section is more important than the Match Ups sections. Green’s ReshiZard plays in a similar fashion for most match ups, so understanding how to use the list against any deck is far more important than understanding what to do in specific match ups. This article is written with the assumption that the reader does read the article in-full; I do not repeat much.

Let’s start with a skeleton.

ReshiZard Green’s Skeleton

Pokémon – 7 Trainers – 28 Energy – 10
 4 Volcanion  4 Green’s Exploration  4 Custom Catcher  10 Fire
 3 Reshiram Charizard GX  4 Welder  4 Mixed Herbs
 4 Pokegear 3.0
 1 Heat Factory  2 Cherish Ball
 1 Power Plant  2 Fire Crystal
 1 Reset Stamp
 1 Switch

These are only the cards that this deck absolutely needs in order to function. More stadiums are certainly advised, but none of the other three Stadiums options are staples. Lysandre Labs can be cut in a meta with no Malamar, Giant Hearth may not be needed if you play more Fire Crystal or Fiery Flint, and Shrine of Punishment could be omitted if you expect little PikaRom. Switch is a card I do not see in all Green’s ReshiZard lists and I think that is a huge mistake. Switch has been completely needed and two is an excellent luxury. There are a few extra Supporters you may consider as well, such as: Lusamine, Judge, Channeler, Pokemon Center Lady, and Bill’s Analysis.

The reason Mixed Herbs is in the skeleton while Great Potion is not, is because the status condition aspect makes a big difference in certain situations. Getting out of the confusion from Bursting Burn or removing Paralysis from Raichu TT can significantly increase your chances of taking the win. It also can heal Volcanion, however that benefit is far less important. Great Potion is also a great idea, but the number of Great Potion in the list can vary. I would argue that two is probably the lowest number to play in general, but one or even zero might make sense depending on the meta.

This is how I fill in the remaining slots:

ReshiZard Green’s

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