An archetype collage

The last two pieces have been solely focused on one archetype each, but at that pace I will only be able to talk about half the decks I am considering for Worlds. This post is about a variety of archetypes, which can help to make the playable options for Worlds a little more clear. With each deck I explain how much potential I believe it has and which types of players should consider playing them for Worlds. This article includes lists for: Beheeyem Variants, Oranguru Shedinja, Persian Box, ReshiZard Ninetales, Giratina Malamar Tags, and Blacephalon Naganadel, with updates to the PikaRom and ChompTina lists that I posted recently. I cover each archetype at differing lengths because certain archetypes have been tested more and have multiple variants to talk about. Let’s start with one of the more rouge archetypes to get the blood in your brain flowing.


Beheeyem has been harder to work with than any of the other archetypes thus far. The wall-partner for Beheeyem is not clear and the options in terms of what engine to run on, as well as what other attacker to use (if any), have been perplexing. There are three variants in this piece, but it’s worth noting that I do have a list for a fourth version. I did not include a list in this piece for the Slaking variant of the deck because I do not think it’s worth your time to read about it. Slaking seems too slow and clunky to function well. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the first variant.

Beheeyem Basic Walls

Pokémon – 22 Trainers – 34 Energy – 4
 4 Elgyem  4 Professor Elm’s Lecture  4 Pokemon Communication  4 Triple Acceleration Energy
 3 Beheeyem  4 Cynthia  4 Mysterious Treasure
 2 Goomy  2 Lt. Surge’s Strategy  4 Pokegear 3.0
 2 Type: Null  1 Lusamine  2 Pal Pad
 2 Silvally GX  1 Judge  2 Reset Stamp
 2 Keldeo GX  1 Blue’s Tactics  1 Cherish Ball
 2 Pidgey  1 Koga’s Trap
 2 Pidgeotto  1 Brock’s Grit
 1 Blitzle  1 Tate & Liza
 1 Zebstrika
 1 Ditto Prism Star  1 Lavender Town

This version requires no Escape or U-Turn Board because of Silvally GX. There is a lot of utility in never needing to hit a switch card, but it does have the downside of turning Power Plant into a bit of a problem. I am heavily considering a Marshadow to help fix that problem. Currently the list just relies on countering Power Plant with Lavender and then using Lusamine if you ever need to bump another Stadium. In terms of actually getting value from a Stadium’s effect, there are not any options that have a big impact in this version; while the variants without Silvally can play Power Plant or Shrine of Punishment. Lavender is a relatively benign Stadium where as something like Shrine is more situational. The only other Stadium option I would consider for this list is Lysandre Labs, which could help with Shedinja decks. I prefer Lavender because I expect a single Labs would quickly be Faba’d out of play against Shedinja, but Lavender helps you figure out when it is a good time to use Reset Stamp or Judge in any match up. Tate & Liza is there just in case you end up needing to switch Pidgeotto, Silvally, or Zebstrika out of the active. It should be a rare occasion that any of those end up in the active because your opponent cannot play Custom Catcher under Item lock.

I am not completely confident that the wall line is what it should be at the moment, but at the least I think Goomy and Keldeo are staples. Sigilyph GX is an option that may work, but I have not had the time to test it yet. There might be an argument for playing some other one-prize wall that I am unaware of, but the important part is the engine that this variant runs on.

Supporter engine

Lt. Surge is extremely powerful in Beheeyem lists because you fall behind in the prize exchange early on and tend to stay behind for a while. You might wonder how you actually win when you are behind for so much of a game. Eventually you win by dwindling your opponent’s resources out and then Reset Stamping them into too many unplayable Item cards. Of course a decent number of games will involve your opponent doing almost nothing because Keldeo present such a big problem for them.

For the games where you go first and get a decent set up, I notice Judge is very helpful. Judge is there as a way to be able to repeatedly disrupt your opponents hand because only two Reset Stamp will run out quickly if you are not extremely careful about when you use them. The number of turns in a game tends to be very high because of how much you can slow your opponents down, which is a big part of why this deck lends itself so well to a heavy Supporter and Pal Pad count. When you realize that you want to use Lt. Surge somewhat frequently and need two or three times as many turns in a game to win as compared to other archetypes would need, it is not hard to imagine why I include cards like Lusamine and two Pal Pad.

Beheeyem Shedinja

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8 thoughts on “An archetype collage

  1. Wow Phinn….. You really outdid yourself on this one brother. Alot of respect for you and the whole team for the amount of testing you guys are putting into the game before worlds. The Beheeyem lists seem so FUN, ZoroToad if my favorite deck for expanded, and now it looks like I’ma ruin people’s day in standard lmao. So thank you for that. Blowns really seems strong too, but maybe the Naga GX can be too gimicky? Against tag teams I feel like you accept you are getting knocked out every turn, so at that point I feel like I’d much rather have the option to get any 2 cards with persian, over going, “well shit, let’s hope I hit a beast ring” with the Naga GX. But I do see the appeal of it! Over all I’m really impressed and I’m 100% still staying with pikarom because it’s just so damn fast still, but I picked up a playset of FA Blowns because I think everyone’s gunna be surprised when it does fantastic, and the price will raise again. Raw powers hard to beat in a brand new format. Last thing, you need to accept the invitation to join PTCG Heaven dawg! Your names even in our bio homie!

    1. Thanks, we’re trying hard to get make the best content we can! Watch out for an update on the article coming out later in the form of a new post this week because I have updates for Beheeyem and some of the other lists. I get what you are saying about the Blowns list, but frankly I’m starting to think the deck is just not as good at Giratina Malamar Tags. And lastly I am sorry to say I am very unlikely to rejoin PPG.

  2. Thanks for le epic shoutout. I’ve been thinking about beheeyem shedinja more, and I think cryogonal is a better option for the deck. Not sure how to fit it into guru/shedinja, but it seems like the card that’ll make shedinja the “bdif” for worlds.

    1. Also, grimsley could be very good with cryogonal so you can lock the same pokemon in the active for the entire game.

  3. How does shedinja beat an opponents oranguru? For example pikarom with oranguru and zeraora should force a tie. Would something like a lugia-GX+welder+attach for turn be worthwhile? Great article though! Lots of lists to help in my testing, which is very useful.

    1. That’s what the Girafarig is for. You can lost zone the Catchers so that their loop ends quickly

  4. I just thought of an idea to play darkrai umbreon in beheeyem. You can use dark city for free retreat, and the gx attack means you have a turn where you don’t need to set up a beheeyem. The large hp coupled with great potions, and maybe super scoop up could be really good.

    1. thanks for the comments Ben, we can talk about it in the next session! I appreciate the support as always

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