PikaRom – Cut or Tap’s forgotten archetype

If you have kept up with my content from articles, to features on meta forecasts, to the IRL footage, you are probably very aware with my opinion on PikaRom. Recently I have been convinced to change my mind. The deck is consistent, hard hitting, and a solid meta-call. Once it became clear to me that ReshiZard actually is not a negative match up, my eyes were opened. PikaRom has tested better than anything else so far in preparation for NAIC. The pure violent power of the deck has been too much for almost any deck to overcome, with the exception of Zapdos and specific (but less popular) ReshiZard lists.

This article is dedicated to the deck that we never gave enough attention to on Cut or Tap. I’m sorry PikaRom for ignoring you throughout the last few months. In this piece I cover the my current list, all the relevant the match ups, and various other pieces of important info related to the deck such as which prizes to check. Let’s start with the list.

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