Website Update (March 27th): coaching policy, Team Cut or Tap, and new content ideas

Hey Cut or Tap readers! This post is covering some of the changes and additions to the site coming soon.


New content concepts

Virtual Coaching

I am considering starting a new video serious where I set up two decks and play against myself while commentating on the game. The format would be something like what I do while I coach, but without the player being coached. I would explain why I am making the plays I make, what routes I could have taken, what the take-aways from the match results are, and more. For a long time I have done testing against myself, so I figured why not record while I do the testing and post it!

100 opening hands

When talking to a friend about the chances of having to start with a Lele GX at three copies in the list, I realized there are several ways people try to estimate your chances of starting with one. I have heard Rukan Shao runs simulations to figure stuff like this out, but being the skeptic I am, I want to actually shuffle up and deal 100 hands to get an exact percentage. Obviously this would not be a perfect predictor of chances because even 100 openings is not enough to get a perfect percentage, but it still would be valuable to know. At the very least, it might be entertaining to watch sped up openings while I commentate over the video.

This idea could of course be applied to other ideas, such as you chances of starting with an energy to attach on turn one. I will probably make the first video testing the Lele hypothesis and then see after that if I want to do a video of that sort again in the future.


Small increase in rate

Starting about two months ago I have had too much of a good thing. My coaching schedule is getting a little too packed right now and I am at a point where I am not longer able to help out everybody that wants to coaching from me. It’s important to me that I do not overwork myself by trying to fit more session than I can cognitively handle. For this reason I am raising my rate from $25 to $27 per hour and adding a requirement.

Stage 2 Required

Another issue I have repeatedly run into is players asking several questions that already have detailed answers in my articles, which can waste valuable time during the session. That is why I have decided to require the players I coach to have a Cut or Tap subscription. Previously I would have two different rates: $25 for non-subscribers & $23 for Stage 2 Members. Now there is just one rate of $27 per hour which is actually a $30 per hour rate with a $3 discount for Stage 2 subscribers. This policy is in place to incentivize consistent coaching rather than an occasional session every month or so. The main goal is to have people already caught up to the same page with me during a session instead of having to spend time explaining concepts that they could already understand.

For people I already coach

Players I already meet with on a regular basis will not have to pay the increased rate and will continue to not have to be Cut or Tap subscribers. However, if I have not had a session with a player for over one month and they are hoping to do coaching again, then they will have to follow the new terms to coach with me again.

These changes are reflected on the Coaching Page, but I figured almost nobody regularly checks the page. I wanted to include this info in the update to make my new terms perfectly clear.

Team Cut or Tap

Over the last few months I have been working hard with a group of friends to create a team. Cameron Shenoy is one member of the team who has written a piece recently, but the idea is to have all of my teammates write or make videos for the site so that Cut or Tap has more content and more diversity of opinion.

The members of Team Cut or Tap are currently Joe Sanchez, Hale Obernolte, Cameron Shenoy, and myself. We are hoping to increase our numbers, but it is actually much harder to find the right people for the team than I imagined. Players need to be strong deck builders, trustworthy, open minded, and committed to be considered for the team. We will continue to find other players to join the team, which will mean more content for our subscribers.


That’s everything for now. Thank you to all our subscribers and supporters.