Expanded Updated Archie’s Blastoise Wails List

With the new bans and Team Up coming out changing the meta, Archie’s goes through some new changes. In my view Archie’s is an incredible option even with the rise in popularity of ZoroPod that we will most likely see at Ontario and North Carolina Regionals. Check it out!

By the way, I have a little food for thought. Does Jirachi (TEU) deserve space in Expanded Archie’s? Having access to the top five cards could be huge for getting the cards needed for turn one Archie’s and then for hitting important other cards in the mid-to-late game such as Superior Energy Retrieval. If Jirachi is worth the space, is it best to play it with Escape Board as in Standard, or is it better to combine it with Keldeo EX to use Rush In? Maybe you just play one Jirachi with none of the other support to just use it in the early games and on turns when you want to Guzma (since Guzma does the switching to move Jirachi out of the active).

What would we cut out of the list? Maybe the Trainers’ Mail since they have a very similar effect to Stellar Wish. Or do we cut down on Order Pad? Which is better in Archie’s: Trainer’s Mail or Order Pad?

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