Standard Buzz Box, Expanded Blastoise Wailord, and Expanded ZoroGarb updates

Dallas Regionals is coming up this weekend and I’m scrambling to test as many games as I can. Other than putting this article out, the only activities in my life will be sleeping, eating, and playing Pokemon. My top two picks for the event are currently ZoroGarb and Blastoise Wailord. I also found myself really enjoying that Buzz Box deck that I talked a little bit about in my last piece and see it as the best deck in Standard. I’ll start with ZoroGarb.


Pokémon – 23 Trainers – 32 Energy – 5
 4 Zorua (DEX)  2 Colress  4 VS Seeker  4 Double Colorless
 4 Zoraork GX  1 N  4 Ultra Ball  1 Psychic
 2 Tapu Lele GX  1 Brigette  2 Choice Band
 2 Shaymin EX  1 Guzma  2 Battle Compressor
 2 Exeggcute  1 Professor Juniper  2 Red Card
 1 Ditto Prism Star  1 Pokemon Ranger  1 Field Blower
 1 Klefki  1 Pokemon Communication
 1 Oranguru  3 Sky Field  1 Rescue Stretcher
 2 Trubbish (NVI)  1 Super Rod
 2 Garbodor (BKP)  2 Float Stone
 1 Wobbuffet  1 Dowsing Machine
 1 Garbodor (GRI)  1 Bursting Balloon

Wobbuffet > Mr. Mime

Wobbuffet was an idea I came up with while half asleep a couple nights ago. I managed to remember it on Sunday when testing and got several games in with it since then. It works well. Even when you go second the card works great against Archie’s and that is mostly why it is in the deck. You can get use out of Wobbuffet against other decks like Rayquaza that rely heavily on Shaymin EX, or the ‘Exodia’ Zoro hand-control deck. Basically you just Brigette for the Wobb, then retreat or float into it and set up. They knock it out a lot of the time, which is fine because you got a Zorua or a Trubbish out of the active and slowed them down. Other times they just dead draw and end up doing nothing until you decide it is fine to bring something else up. Against Blastoise what I like to do is leave the Wobb up in the active until I can Guzma their Blastoise (if they even were able to set one up) and take a KO on it. If you can also set up a Garbotoxin on the turn you do this, it can be very hard for them to come back, especially if you also play Red Card on that turn. By the way, the Brigette is back in the deck exclusively for Wobbuffet. I would play Elm otherwise.

Mr. Mime is a nice tech that worked out alright, but ultimately the Wobbuffet ended up working far better. If you go first against Archie’s some of the time you just win because of Bid Barricade. Mr. Mime certainly does not do that. The downside with Wobbuffet is that it forced multiple changes in the list. Elm had to be cut for Brigette, Float had to be added over the third Choice, and the Delinquent was cut for Wobbuffet. It reminds me of playing Mega Mewtwo a while back with two Wobbuffet; maybe some of you will remember that format. It’s similar to playing Ghetsis in Seismitoad decks. You start ability locking turn one and then set up Toxin when you bring the Wobb back so that you can ability lock the entire game including turn one. It seems like Wobbuffet has more use in the meta overall than Mr. Mime. Mime can help against Buzzwole GX I suppose, but if they are using Jet Punch, you should be winning anyway.

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