Improving on Japanese Lists Part 2 (ZoroRoc)

Despite the negative press ZoroRoc has been getting lately, I think it’s actually an amazing option for Brazil. The deck has to be build in a far different way to work with the additions from Lost Thunder and to meet new demands from Blacephalon; the list I have come up with does so. Players are overlooking some great combos that recently presented themselves to this deck and I will go over all of the ones I have found in this piece. I am not attending Brazil, but if I was going this is most likely what I would play. I was on the Giratina Malamar hype for a bit, but I stumbled on a great counter to the deck which I put into my Blacephalon and ZoroRoc lists. For that reason I decided to counter the hype instead of playing it.

Coming out next (before Brazil happens) will be my version of Blacephalon. That will be the last part in this ‘Improving on Japanese Lists’ series.

Adjusted engine

Garbotoxin is rotated and so are most of the good draw cards. That means this is the perfect time for a very heavy Pokemon-based draw engine. Zoroark decks have been doing this for a while, but this list takes it further. Almost all the supporters in this deck are there for effects other than draw and it works out great! As you will see, this is a big part of how I found a way to counter Blacephalon and Rayquaza Vikavolt. I’m happy to say that now Blacephalon is about a 60/40 matchup and Rayquaza is actually pretty easy at about 65/35. I know a lot of people have sort of forgotten Rayquaza Vikavolt, but I actually think its pretty good at the moment and that players in Brazil will favor it. They certainly favored Bulu last year.

This deck offers options, consistency, and great matchups. Options can be seen as a downside, but there is also a fairly high skill cap as a result of those options and lack of recover. Personally I like decks that have a higher skill cap because it means I have more room to outplay others, but for some players with less time to test, this is probably not a good thing. Here’s the list:

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