Post-Portland; Night March’s Future

The truth is, I did not test Night March enough. I got to the point where my list was what I still consider perfect (except maybe Marowak over Ranger), but I didn’t know the matchups. It wasn’t until round 6 that I realized you’re supposed to go second in several matchups, that against Sableye Garbodor you simply KO Sableyes while Colressing every turn, and that I should actually burn Field Blowers at certain times against Garbodor decks.

I am nothing but impressed by Night March. The deck is more consistent than any other deck; it hits harder than anything else and more quickly. The reason Night March didn’t perform well at Portland was that the group of top 16 players all ended up playing a deck that has Toad and Karen in it. Even with that being said, I’m sure I could have made day two if I just had tested the deck more instead of working on decks that ultimately just ended up helping others, but that’s my job. Connor Pedersen did make top 32 with the same Night March list I played, which makes me feel like the work on Night March wasn’t for nothing. Other than that, Noa Bell (one of the players I coach) ended up first in seniors with my ZoroGarb list (he did make one change to fit his meta) and several others used the same deck. I really need to knock this habit of perfecting a deck and then switching to something else the week before the event.

Anaheim Regionals is the next Expanded event and I’m more than motivated to redeem myself. The top 128 placement I earned at Portland was a disappointment, but these flops are what give me the motivation to push hard for the next event. Enough about me, this is the list I played.

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