Archie’s Blastoise, BuzzRoc, and Milotic Marshadow

The bans and addition of a few new sets have brought back and changed some past archetypes, as well as creating Milotic Marshadow. I have been working on these three decks, not necessarily because I plan to use any of them for Portland Regionals but so that I can give you guys some strong lists if you are interested in them. Let’s start with Archie’s Blastoise.

Archie’s Blastoise

Pokémon – 13 Trainers – 38 Energy – 9
 2 Blastoise  2 Archie’s Ace in the Hole  1 Professor’s Letter  9 Water
 2 Keldeo EX  1 Guzma  1 Rescue Stretcher
 1 Wishiwashi GX  1 N  1 Float Stone
 1 Articuno  1 Colress  1 Computer Search
 1 Swampert (35/168)  1 Professor Sycamore  2 Field Blower
 2 Exeggcute  4 Order Pad
 2 Tapu Lele GX  2 Brooklet Hill  4 VS Seeker
 2 Shaymin EX  4 Battle Compressor
 4 Ultra Ball
 4 Trainers’ Mail
 4 Superior Energy Retrieval

This has been the list that gives me the highest chance of getting Archie’s on turn one. It hits very hard with few techs and I think that is the only way Archie’s has a shot in expanded. The only tech in here is Swampert.


You don’t necessarily need this card if you’re adamantly against it, but I suggest you try it out. The deck might as well play another evolution water type considering how frequently you can get Archie’s with a list like this one. Swampert can do 180 for 5 energy and adds consistency with Power Draw. This means even though you have to only draw 5 cards off of Archie’s instead of playing a Sycamore for 7, you effectively get 8 because of Power Draw. It’s a second one-prize attacker which is also beneficial. Swampert is worth the spot for sure.


I would rather have a Colress over the second Sycamore in Expanded because of the prevalence of big benches. Sure it is more situational than a second Sycamore, but Expanded is all about options and you still have one the Sycamore for the turns where Colress doesn’t get as many cards.

Brooklet Hill/ Rescue Stretcher

Rough Seas does not seem as needed because I see Trevenant as a positive matchup anyway. Brooklet in combination with one Stretcher makes it so I can cut the third Keldeo. It’s as if I can fit one extra card in the list by playing Brooklet. Stretcher works well because it allows you to recycle Articuno against Night March or anything else you might need.

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