More Standard Stuff: ZoroRoc, Ultra Necrozma Malamar, Buzz Garb, and Swampert + list updates for everything in the last article

ZoroRoc was far too overlooked when I took my first shot at this meta. Recently it has been one of my favorite options because of the aggression and consistency. The only problem matchups are Buzz Garb and BuzzRoc. In this piece I cover a list that has been modified to deal with both.

Ultra Necrozma Malamar is another archetype that I have frequently been seeing in my coaching sessions. I have worked on a list for it even though my opinion is that Psychic Necrozma Malamar is superior. There certainly are some benefits to Ultra Necrozma however, and my mind could be changed.

Buzz Garb is clearly a great option and I think I have a creative way to build it. Really there’s nothing else to say about that. Swampert is also in this article, but I will warn you that it has some big problems. I felt like someone needed to actually put some effort into the deck to see if it was any good.

This piece also has updates on all the lists from the last piece (excluding Zoro Garb). I still firmly believe that ZoroGarde is underrated and that my Malamar build is the most consistent deck in the format. Let’s get to it, starting with ZoroRoc.


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