Zoroark with Slugs, Trash, and Bugs (Standard + Celestial Storm format)

The new set hasn’t presented a ton of new cards for Zoroark to work with, but one in particular makes the archetype far stronger. Magcargo gives Zoroark a way to function consistently with as few as one Zoroark in play. This means if you have games where you cannot set up Zoroarks or end up prizing too many Zoruas or Zoroarks, you still can consistently draw what you need. This makes a big difference in the BuzzRoc matchup because the main reason BuzzRoc will beat Zoroark is due to Zoroark players missing cards with too many Zoroarks knocked out. Now you can get the Enhanced Hammer or the Field Blower or the Mew EX at the perfect time.

This article has lists for Zoroark Magcargo, Zoroark Golisopod Macargo, and Zoroark Garbodor. My current opinion on Magcargo is that it shouldn’t be it’s own variant of Zoroark; instead it should be a 1-1 or 2-1 line in a variant like Pod or Roc. Nonetheless, I made a list for the deck with only Magcargo to see how it plays out. In Expanded, this sort of concept works extremely well, but without the ability to OHKO it may not be as strong. Tord’s build did however prove that Zoroark decks can be strong with no other attackers.

ZoroCargo – First Draft

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