Zoroark Garbodor Update

Since I posted my first Zoroark Garbodor article there has been a lot that changed in the meta. Connor Petersen placed second at Mexico Regionals this past weekend with the list in this article. Prior to that, an entirely different variant of Buzzwole emerged at Madison and then was recreated at Mexico. Needless to say, a lot changed in the list in order to answer the new meta. I don’t see many other people trying to update or work with this deck, but as I have said multiple times before, I think it’s the best deck in the format. The catch is that is punishes misplays harder than any other deck in the format, which makes it a very unpopular play.

This piece explains the updated list and what we are now testing in the deck. Although there has been a ton of work done on the deck over the last month, there is still many more techs and ideas that could work with the deck; there’s a second list with those ideas in it. I won’t go over matchups or strategy, as my first piece on this deck covered a lot of that info.

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