Analysis of the Zoroark variants

In this piece I judge Golisopod Zoroark, Gardevoir Zoroark, and Lycanroc Zoroark, giving brief matchup descrptions. This is an article made to help the reader decide which Zoroark variant is best for them. Each of those three options have lists in this piece of course.
In order to analyze each deck, it’s important to look at what the meta wil have. I’ve paid close attention to the recent podcasts featuring top players and to tournament results. I have a set of decks that I have ordered in terms of how popular I think each of them will be. For this piece I will assume that the most relevant decks to beat for brazil are the following:
1. Buzzwole Lycanroc
BuzzRoc has consistently been the most popular archetype at standard events for a while now and it overshot any other archetype in popularity by almost twice as much. History repeats itself and again we should see BuzzRoc as the most popular archetype.

2. Zoroark Lycanroc
This is probably the most popular zoroark variant at the moment and for good reason. This one deserves less explanation; it’s on the list for obvious reasons.

3. Zoroark Lucario
Sam Chen recently won a special event with this deck, which alone should give it some hype. It also made top 4 at Portland Regionals. Igor Costa and others have done well at cups with the deck, sometimes with Lycanroc GX and sometimes without. People are generally excited about Lucario because it’s the newest viable card and is very aggressive.

4. Zoroark Golisopod
Tord recently won a Regionals with this deck and endorsed it on a podcast with Trainer Chip. Jimmy Pendarvis has also advocated for the deck on a recent Six Prizes podcast, which you can find on SoundCloud. The deck always seems to have some level of play at events and has seen a recent resurgence because players have been realizing the deck actually can deal with Lucario GX. Russell LaParre has been an advocate of the deck as well. Players are attracted to it because of its high number of 50/50 matchups.

5.Dusk Mane Necrozma decks
According to Gustavo Wada metal decks are pretty popular in Brazil. He says that Magnezone/Necrozma may be the most popular deck at Brazil. Other than that, a Solgaleo Prism/Necrozma metal box deck got second to Tord at the event he won (I can’t recall the name of it at the moment). Between these two we should see a decent amount of metal.

6. Vika Bulu
The deck always sees some play because it does well against Zoroark Variants and is the best deck for newer players to use. It’s also a good “I don’t know what else to play” option, as you may have heard Alex Hill say in his interview with Trainer Chip.

7. Greninja
I am less sure about this one because it has not seen as much play recently. With that being said, there were many good things said about Greninja in the recent Six Prizes Podcast; primarily from Joey Ruettiger. The deck does have some pretty strong matchups right now and Tina Promo is not too played.

Other stuff
I’m not too worried about decks like Hoopa and Sylveon because I think players understand how to play against them well, and Oranguru is a very common tech in Zoroark decks.
Gardevoir Zoroark and BrokenVoir are both decks that always pop up, but have no real reason to be overhyped. We’ll see some people playing the decks as usual, but they wil not be dominant.
Espeon Garbodor is a deck that I actually think is very good, but the common conception of it is that it is only good for a very specific meta and that the deck is inconsistent. It will see some play, but not too much.
Lucario Lycanroc and Lucario Buzzwole are archetypes that underperformed at Portland and players quickly realized this. At the moment it looks like the only viable Lucario deck is Lucario Zoroark.
Most of us know a good chunk of what I just covered, but it is really nice to have all the info in one place together instead of trying to manage so many archetypes in your head. A big part of this article will be on the assumption that the decks I explained are the most relivent.
Analysis of the Zoroarks
I’m going to begin with ZoroRoc because I consider it to be the most popular Zoroark variant as well as the one I have the most experience with. I have almost overdetailed this deck in past pieces, so for this article I will focus on it’s viability for Brazil instead of covering the list and techs.
Here’s and updated list:

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