Golisopod Zoroark & Lycanroc Zoroark

Through the last couple months I have taken a very meta oriented approach to Pokemon. For Dallas Regionals I played the same deck that won San Jose Regionals, and for Costa Mesa Regionals I played the deck that won Dallas Regionals. The conclusion I have come to is that these decks that win Regionals are rarely countable in any reasonable way and that the counters can be prepared for, nullifying the bad matchup. Going into Charlotte I have no real reason to divert from this mentality.

Golisopod Zoroark is the deck that players almost unanimously agree can beat anything. That’s not to say that it is favored against everything, just that it has a chance of winning in any matchup. But what will we see at Charlotte? Here’s my prediction

Most popular

  • Zoroark Golisopod variants


  • Buzzwole Garbodor
  • Zoroark Lycanroc
  • Buzzwole Lycanroc


  • Volcanion/Ho-Oh
  • Gardevoir Zoroark
  • Tapu Bulu Vikavolt
  • Zoroark Weavile
  • Zoroark Gardevoir

If you accept the premise that this is a good starting point for looking at the meta or at least that it is an acceptable one, we can easily see that Golisopod Zoroark mirror is the top concern. This article gives detail on several different ways to tech for Golisopod Zoroark and which ways I consider to be most effective.

Other than Golisopod, Lycanroc is also working very well. I talk a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of each variant in this piece. This article is heavily focussed on the two lists for Golisopod and Lycanroc. To start, I’ll cover my Golisopod Zoroark build.

here’s my current list:

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