Final Options for Costa Mesa – Garbodor Magical Swap, Zoroark Eggs, and Night March

Costa Mesa is in just two days and the list of options I have has diminished heavily. Decks like Giratina Siesmitoad, Darkrai GX, Dusknoir Koko and Toad Garbodor were on my radar and dropped for different reasons, while other decks had to take some serious editing in order to stay viable options. Garbodor with the new Magical Swap Tapu Lele is an idea I had about a month ago and then forgot about up until now. The combo with Necrozma is deadly and has turned Garbodor into a serious option for me. Zoroark is of course still an amazing deck that I have changed a lot since I picked up the initial list from Dallas Regionals. The deck gets the most attention in this piece because I have tested with it more than anything else, and I expect more players to be using this than any other deck.

Night March is still on my radar and a deck that can beat Zoroark more than many players realize. I spend less time on Night March in this piece because I have talked about it A LOT in other articles and there is not much I have changed in it since the last piece.


After testing Lonzo more, I realized there is no real reason for it to be better than Zoroark Eggs in the mirror. The idea is that you cut the Muk line for another Hex and another Exeggcute, and then drop Toad and Karen to fit the fourth Egg and Oricorio. When you look at it from this perspective, it’s easy to see that Lonzo would not have much of an advantage in those four card differences (although I have changed much more between the two variants).

As someone who still wants to play Night March, I am evenly concerned about Toad/Karen and Oricorio. Both threats have their upsides and downsides, but Oricorio takes up one more spot. Taking the Toad/Karen out of Lonzo seems like a great change to me, especially when no Night March made it to top 8 in Masters. To be completely honest I think Oricorio is more of an issue that Toad Karen is, as I am very prepared to Puzzle and Dowsing for Compressor over and over.

My testing became more oriented around the Quad Eggs version and I realized the deck has a really hard time losing to anything if the pilot doesn’t misplay. After running through different options for mirror techs, I have synthesized some lists together to come up with the list below. In my view, it has the best mirror you can manage while still keeping cards that are needed for other decks that will see play.

Zoroark Eggs

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