Updating The Meta Decks – ZoroRoc, Gardevoir, & VikaBulu

Today I have five deck lists in total, none of which I would consider very normal (with the exception of the ZoroRoc list). But as you will read on, there is an addition to Gardevoir and VikaBulu that we all seem to have ignored for little reason.

This is mostly just going to be an article talking about the standard meta decks, but I also have updates on some of my other more rogue options, like Genesect Zoroark. I think the meta that it was fit for it has passed, and now I would not use it. Zoroark Lycanroc gives the deck a hard time and I think Bulu is not too positive either. Nonetheless, I have a slightly improved list, in case you still feel like using the deck.

Tapu Bulu Vikavolt is notorious for being a deck that new players love. Few good players give the deck credit as a top option at all, however I think the stars have aligned for this deck and I now have it tied for my top pick, next to Buzzwole Garbodor. The twist is that I have made a few very significant changes. After sifting through the different builds of Bulu, I came to realize that it is an excellent deck that is built incorrectly, repeatedly. This article focuses on VikaBulu, but I do have an Expanded Gardevoir list in this piece that I am liking for Dallas.

This is my Tapu Bulu Vikavolt Zoroark list:

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5 thoughts on “Updating The Meta Decks – ZoroRoc, Gardevoir, & VikaBulu

  1. Can I ask, with the gardy zoroark deck. To get in an extra rescue stretcher what would you cut? I am thinking either the 3rd zorua or the 3rd brigette. What do you think?

  2. I wouldn’t like to cut 3rd Brigette or 3rd Zorua because they are a big part of why this list is more consistent than other gardevoir builds. However, I don’t really see any other room to mess with, so those are probably the best cuts. I would rather cut the 3rd Brigette than cut the 3rd Zorua I think.

    1. Thanks. Do you think adding a mew ex changes the buzzwole matchup enough to make it worth including?

      1. Yeah I think it could be worth the space depending on the meta. Even with the new set out, I still think buzzwole will be a good deck.

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