Dallas Options

Dallas is exactly two weeks from today and there are tons of options for the event. This article is going to cover my lists for everything I have been working with for Dallas, including:

  • Zoroark Lycanroc
  • Seismitoad Garbodor
  • Night March
  • Vespiquen Zoroark
  • Gardevoir

Other than the decks, I cover some debates that are running around right now such as which Zoroark variant is the best, and how to most effectively counter Night March. There’s a ton of material to cover here, so let’s get to it.

Zoroark Lycanroc

Zoroark Lycnaroc is the best Zoroark variant to me because it has an edge over all the others. The deck has an inherent advantage because of the fighting typing, and the ability to Colress and Bloodthirsty Eyes in the same turn. The only Zoroark variant that I could see beating Zoroark Lycanroc with any consistency is Golisopod Zoroark. But even this deck does not hold much of an advantage because, although they are hitting Lycanroc for weakness, their primary attacker is still weak to Lycanroc. The primary reason GoliZoro struggles is that they always take a one-shot after ZoroRoc. Unless players are switching up the way Golisopod Zoroark is built, the deck does not have Sky Field in it. This means ZoroRoc can wait until it is prepared to do so, and then fill up it’s bench to one-shot an opposing Zoroark GX. Sudowoodo you say? Well, that is exactly why I fit the 1-1 Muk in ZoroRoc.

Building from the idea that ZoroRoc is beating all other Zoroark variants, we can also see that the deck has at least as positive a matchup against Night March as Lonzo (Zoroark Muk Seismitoad) does, if not better. I argue that it actually has a better time because of the Lycanroc. I find myself frequently using Claw Slash on a Zoroark GX. Many players are forgetting that Night March takes a consistency hit from losing their Zoroark GX just as any other Zoroark deck does. Bloodthirsty Eyes is particularly helpful in this matchup because I find myself constantly needing to play Colress, leaving Guzma as an option I rarely can afford. The other reason is that Seismitoad and Karen are a worse counter than Oricorio.

In a general way ZoroRoc seems to be better than most decks, it has more raw power than any other option I have seen so far. The deck is not actually my top pick, but it is very high on my tier list. The deterrent I have is knowing how many mirrors I will run into. My testing has lead me to hate mirror because of how frequently a T1 Hex can win a game. Other than that point, I see very little reason for me not to play this list

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