“Gumshoos Are Pickin’ Up the Slack:” Six Options For Hartford

Hey fellows, Hartford Regionals is two weeks away which means the first standard Regionals is almost here. Last time I covered some of the decks that were more popular at Worlds, like Gardevoir Octillery, and Garbodor. Since then some cups have rolled by and I have had more time to test the format. In this piece there is list for a couple rogue options along with lists for each of what I consider to be the top tier decks.

This article covers:

  • Solgaleo Rayquaza
  • Gardevoir Sylveon
  • Golisopod Garbodor
  • Turtonator Ho-Oh Salazzle
  • Zoroark Gumshoos
  • Tapu Bulu Vikavolt

Solgaleo is the first option with one glaring flaw; a weakness to fire. The good news is, that is the only flaw I see the deck having. Other than that it is consistent with good matchups across most of the board.

Strong matchups against Gardevoir and Golisopod are excellent in this meta. Tapu Bulu Vikavolt is also a deck that seems to be played more and more recently, which is a great matchup for Solgaleo. Ninetales, and Garbodor variants are quite positive as well.

This is my current list for the deck.

Pokémon – 16 Trainers – 30 Energy – 14
 4 Solgaleo GX  4 Professor Sycamore  4 Ultra Ball  4 Double Colorless
 2 Cosmoem  4 N  4 Rare Candy  10 Metal
 4 Cosmog  4 Guzma  3 Field Blower
 3 Tapu Lele  1 Brigette  1 Heavy Ball
 2 Rayquaza  1 Skyla  1 Super Rod
 1 Oranguru  1 Hala  1 Max Potion
 1 Rescue Stretcher

This deck is strangely consistent. Usually I cannot say that about a Stage 2 deck, but in this format I suppose the standards for what is considered consistent are lowered. That is what is so attractive to me about the deck. It beats two of the three top decks (Beats Gardevoir & Golisopod; loses to fire), and does so very consistently. I actually had spare room in this list for a while until I realized I needed a little more energy and Heavy Ball. The deck runs well relative to other decks.

Despite my poor performance today, I can say that this deck is very strong in the right meta. It is a “meta-call” deck rather than a generally strong one. I appreciate how I do not have to think too hard to play this deck well. I put a big value on this because I know that I am not at my best for every event, and I’m sure most of you can say the same. Sometimes you don’t sleep enough, sometimes life drama gets in the way, etc. That is why it is nice to have a deck that does most of the work for you. This is my first option for Hartford Regionals, but not necessarily my top choice.

Next up is Gardevoir sylveon. I covered a normal Gardevoir build in my last article, but have since changed a couple cards. I decided pretty quickly that Sylveon is just the way to go, and stopped working on my normal Gardevoir deck entirely. I started out with the help of Chris Collins. He sent me a list because I was complaining about how inconsistent the format is. He sent over this deck saying it was truly consistent. He did not disappoint. Bellow is his list, however I have made a couple changes for my list which I will explain.

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