“Panqueca Grande Mão:” A Preview of Brazil, Updates on Aerodactyl, and one Option for Toronto

Hey everybody! My name is Charlie Lockyer, and this is my second article for this wonderful site. Today, I will be discussing what decks I believe will be most prevalent in Brazil (including what decks I would be considering if I were attending), providing an update on Aerodactyl/Wobbuffet, and sharing my initial testing results for the next Expanded Regional in North America, which is Toronto. I hope you enjoy!

A Quick Look at Aerodactyl/Wobbuffet (Aerowobb)

In my last article, I introduced a new, theoretical Standard archetype that included Aerodactyl and Wobbuffet as its only Pokemon, voicing it as a strong combination that I sadly had no time to test before the article was published. Lately, the deck has caught on a bit, being mentioned by Ahmed Ali in his Pokebeach article, but still remains mostly under the radar. Since then, I have been able to do lots of testing, and have realized that my original list was utter trash. I included way too many Items that did not accomplish what I wanted, which was a consistent stream of Aerodactyl. Below is my updated list, which has actually been tested, unlike the previous list.

Pokémon – 7 Trainers – 49 Energy – 4
4 Aerodactyl FCL 4 Professor Sycamore 4 Acro Bike 4 Double Colorless
3 Wobbuffet GEN 3 N 4 Trainers’ Mail
2 Lysandre 4 Puzzle of Time
2 Team Flare Grunt 4 Old Amber Aerodactyl
1 Teammates 4 Fossil Excavation Kit
1 Lillie 3 VS Seeker
3 Maintenance
3 Float Stone
1 Parallel City 2 Poison Barb
2 Super Rod
1 Special Charge
1 Rotom Dex

As you can see, this new list is much different from the one I shared with you in March. Cards like Pokemon Catcher and Crushing Hammer proved to be unimportant, simply detracting from the deck’s consistency. New inclusions such as Puzzle of Time, Poison Barb, and Team Flare Grunt help the deck with consistency, specific matchups, and slowing the opponent down (respectively), which all help the deck compete with present-day threats in Standard. Below, I will analyze a few specific card choices that I did not go over in the last article.

Card Choices

3 Maintenance

I included Maintenance as a means of shuffling Aerodactyls in your hand back into your deck so that they can be found with Fossils. As the card barely provides any consistency, it could be removed if a better mean for recycling Aerodactyls is found, but at the moment it is the best option for the deck.

2 Poison Barb

Poison Barb is really helpful against anything with 130 HP, such as baby Volcanion and baby Yveltal. Without it, those Pokemon would have to be 2HKO’d which would create a very unfavorable trade for you. Overall, the extra 10 damage that it provides is very useful in finishing off Pokemon just out of your damage range, forcing a much more favorable trade.

2 Super Rod

Each Aerodactyl that is in the discard lowers your chances of hitting one off of Old Amber significantly. I included 2 Super Rod to recover discarded/knocked out Aerodactyl, which keeps the chances of hitting one off of Old Amber high enough to warrant play. With only one Super Rod, you would usually find yourself petering out once many of your Aerodactyls were in the discard.

1 Rotom Dex

This card warrants a spot in the deck, as any prized Aerodactyl will lower your chances of hitting them off of Old Amber, so getting them out of the Prizes is important. Town Map could be included instead, but I chose Rotom Dex instead because of its value before any Prizes have been taken.

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