Thoughts out of This Galaxy: A Sun and Moon Thought Analysis


Hey Cut or Tap readers, I am back to close out an awesome month of articles from this website! I have been thinking long and hard all month on what I should write about, and I figured that a lot of you may appreciate my thoughts on Sun and Moon cards. I hope that you get your deck list feast for both formats and that you are excited that we are finally seeing the end of our very long Primal-Clash-to-Evolutions metagame.

Sun and Moon Cards: A First Glance

I don’t know if I am the only one who gets a little nerdy when I look at all of these new Pokemon, or who gets emotionally attached when I see cool-looking Pokemon like Crabrawler, or when I think the developers made really cool name choices like Litten! I personally love when we go into new “blocks” of sets and I get super excited for the future of the game we all love. There is also the extensive amount of time that I know a lot of players put into looking up all of the cards to start piecing the puzzle of a new set together; I am writing here to help sort through most of the set, and this should give most of you readers a great start on crafting some awesome decks.

(NOTE: Not all Cards in the set will be listed, I default will only review the highest Staged Pokemon unless there is something important to note.)

Rating System:

  • All Star – The card will definitely be played and will create a deck, add to a deck, and is considered a threat
  • High Potential – The card most likely will be played, is very distinct or powerful, will instantly make a deck, be added to a deck, or be considered a threat
  • Moderate Potential – The card may become good in the future, but otherwise players will tread with caution right away. These cards need a lot more to make them them solid tournament contenders
  • Low Potential – This card is better than a Flop but does not have much potential – could be a fun card in the future (though most likely not)
  • Flop – The card will most likely not be a contender in any format
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