Mega Gardevoir VS Darkrai Yveltal

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I play against myself using my Darkrai lists against my Mega Gardevoir list. Pretty sure I didn’t make any mistakes. There is one part where it is questionable if I should have played N or Hex Maniac, but that’s about it. I recorded the matchup a couple times prior to this one, but misplayed, which lead to me uploading it to my YouTube Channel instead. The video is a lot lower queslity, but if you’d like to watch it you can see it here.

I play against myself to test very frequently. It’s better testing because it teaches me how to play both decks and it allows me to try different strategies with both decks, and experiment a little more. I assure you that all of my plays are not biased toward one deck or another. Years of experience have taught me how to have an objective decision making process that favors neither deck.

I have more matches that I will be uploading soon. Michael and I play a Darkrai mirror best of three, that I found to be very entertaining. We also played a best of three with him using Blastoise, and myself playing TDK in the Worlds 2013 format. Both videos should be uploaded within the next 10 days. These will not replace articles, they’re just extra content.