Update on Stage 1 Memberships

Hello readers! This is Phinnegan Lynch, the owner of Cut or Tap. We are expanding what we teach on Cut or Tap by recreating the Stage 1 membership.

In the past, a Stage 1 membership has given access to all of our videos and podcasts. However, there seemed to be a lack of interest in both. The podcast has been temporarily discontinued, and the videos have slowed.

This does not mean that either of them are gone forever, just that we aren’t focusing on them at the moment. I love doing the podcasts, and videos are my favorite medium to work in.

Now, with the Stage 1 membership, we’ll create a guide to playing the Pokemon TCG for new players. The monthly price will stay the same, but will teach concepts for newer players rather than the more high-level strategy that is normally discussed in our articles. New Stage 1 content will include pieces like:

  • The basics to deck building
  • How to become involved in a league
  • How to get your footing in the competitive scene
  • How to improve in-game play
  • The basics of meta-gaming
  • How to conserve resources

These pieces are designed for players that are unfamiliar with many of the mechanics that top players use. The goal is to use some of the best advice and coaching in the community, to teach new players.

We plan to create enough information to get a player from learning how to play, to being able to make Top Cut at a League Cup.

We are planning to start posting content for this new membership in December, or potentially starting in January.

The plan currently is to post one piece of content per week, for this membership. The content will not be as time-sensitive as the competitive articles because it is not based on the metagame or any news. It is instead based on learning core principles of the game, which still apply regardless of the particular year or format. (For example, resource conservation is a skill that has been required since the game was released.)

Content for the Stage 1 membership will include articles, videos, and audio recordings. People learn in different formats, and we want to offer something for everybody.

Thank you all for the continued support. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please send us an email at cutortap@gmail.com. Have a great week!