What I Would Play in Arizona, by Kenny Wisdom

Hey all! Kenny Wisdom here with my very first CutorTap article! Most of you probably know me from the commentary work I’ve done with TPCi over the 2015-2016 season, including U.S. Nationals and the 2016 World Championship. In addition to this, I’ve created a lot of content for the Pokemon community. I’ve written for various Pokemon websites since I began playing the game in 2010-2011. I’m also a founder (and currently the sole contributor) of the YouTube channel “On The Bubble.” Lastly, I run a podcast called Experience Share with my partner in crime, Sorina Radu. Although I’m no new face to the content world, I’m excited to start writing again, and be a part of the beginnings of CutorTap.

Because most of my interaction with the game and the community at this point is from a commentator and/or content creator point of view, I’m hoping that my articles will bring something different to the fold. I’m not playing as many big tournaments as a lot of my peers, and although I keep up to date with the specifics of the format so that I can provide the best commentary I can, I don’t get all that much experience at the table. In the future I would like to cover a wide range of topics, but would like to stick with what I know, and be able to provide something unique for all of you. If you have any ideas about what kinds of topics you’d like me to write about, please let me know in the comments.

With that being said, I actually did practice a lot leading up to Arizona. Beyond staying sharp for commentary and to help teammates, I had originally planned on playing in this event. Unfortunately, dates did not align and I’ll be a groomsman in my good friend’s wedding instead. While obviously a life event like this is more important than a Regionals at this point in my life, it is a shame to not get to play such a sweet deck. Because I won’t get the chance to play it anyway, and most of the people I test and share information with have their own ideas about the format, I thought I’d share it with you today: Accelgor/Wobbuffett.

Pokémon – 18 Trainers – 36 Energy – 6
2 Mew EX 4 Professor Juniper 4 Float Stone 4 Double Colorless
1 Shaymin EX ROS 3 N 4 VS Seeker 2 Mystery
4 Shelmet PLB7 2 Colress 4 Ultra Ball
4 Accelgor DEX11 2 Lysandre 2 Level Ball
2 Munna BCR68 2 Teammates 1 Silver Bangle
1 Musharna NXD59 1 AZ 1 Super Rod
1 Xerosic 1 Computer Search
4 Virbank City Gym
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