Four Standard Decks That Will Destroy Your Local League Challenges

Hey guys, Phinn again. I was initially  going to make this piece about Mega Rayquaza and the different ways to use it, however I realized that there is much more to talk about. I also haven’t gotten enough testing done to be sure of any perfect lists yet. I’m sure most of you are in the same situation.

What I have done is made several starting lists. Lord knows I can’t keep ideas to myself, so I’m here to share them with you all. This piece isn’t really going to focus on one deck, or one defined list. Instead I want to talk more about theory, and cover multiple lists. I have four Mega decks to cover, all of which seem very strong to me.

Rather than focusing on what beats a certain meta, or what is the best meta counter, I’m focusing on the raw power of decks. In other words, I’m looking for decks that are just outright powerful. This is a big reason for why I am advocating decks like Mega Rayquaza. All of these lists are Mega decks, just because those seem to be the strongest right now. But I do realize that they have a weakness to Giratina, which is why I like to play both Pokemon Ranger and Hex Maniac a lot of the time.

Anyway, I’ll get into the first deck. This list is nothing too crazy; the deck is just consistent and strong. I do like this deck, however I feel that the other three are a little bit better, because they have less of a target on their back.

Mega Rayquaza EX (colorless)

Pokémon – 15 Trainers – 36 Energy – 9
3 Mega Rayquaza EX (colorless) 3 Professor Sycamore 4 VS Seeker 5 Water
3 Rayquaza EX (Colorless) 2 N 3 Trainer’s Mail 4 Double Colorless
3 Hoopa EX 2 Lysandre 4 Rayquaza Spirit Link
2 Manaphy EX 1 Hex Maniac 4 Ultra Ball
4 Shaymin EX 1 Pokemon Ranger 3 Mega Turbo
1 Pokemon Center Lady 1 Special Charge
1 Super Rod
2 Float Stone
4 Sky Field
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