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Hey guys, Phinn again. Just want to keep you all up to date with what we’re doing with the site. As you may know, over the last week we did not post the Pro Podcast, or any articles. With Worlds we did not have a chance to record the podcast. As for the articles, I wanted to try out doing some matches instead. However, it seems like you guys don’t care for the matches a whole lot. To make up for the lack of content, we will be uploading three articles this week instead of two. The podcast will also go up on Wednesday as it normally does. Normally an article would go up today (Tuesday), however we are going to be posting pieces later in the week instead.

We are also bringing in some new writers in the coming weeks. Russell Laparre and Jeremy Jallen will have articles up in this next month, and will most likely be regular writers. Kenny Wisdom also may become a weekly writer, putting up should pieces frequently.

We are running low on merchandise at the moment. We still have about six mats left, but we are out of all shirts aside from XL. More shirts will be purchased in about two weeks, with a new design. The main problem people had with the shirt is the fact that there is nothing on the back. We’re going to change that, and put some sort of design on the back.

Pro Podcast
The Podcast is running strong but seems to not be getting a ton of views; around 1/4th of the views that the articles get. But we aren’t stopping the Podcast. I personally enjoy hosting and recording it. If there is any way we can improve the podcast, please let us know in the comments. We are planning to make it into a simple audio file, like a normal podcast is. This will also give you guys the option to download it and listen on the go. Not sure when this will be available. I’m estimating in two or three weeks, but it could happen sooner.

Videos don’t seem to be getting a ton of views either, however I think I can make them better. I plan on getting some different commentators to talk over the matches, and there will be a better camera angle in the future.

Many people have been telling me how they can’t get to the site. This is because we are now have an SSL certificate, which changes our web address. The new address is Note the “S”. This is simply a part of being a new secure site. You can always just google search cutortap and find the site that way as well.

Thanks for bearing with us guys! The site is still new, and there are only two people working on it. We appreciate all of the support from you all, and are continuing to do our best to improve the site.

4 thoughts on “Website Update

  1. Where does one purchase and or view the merchandise for sale. I would be interested in one of the playmats

  2. Phinnegan, I have been watching your youtube videos for about 3 years now and think they are great! I was disappointed though when I found out I had to have a stage 1 membership to view the “Masterballers Invitational” videos because without the site you probably would have put them on youtube for free anyway. I am just disappointed that in order to watch a video, I must pay the $10 per month when I already have premium subscriptions to other sites. Just my thoughts

    1. To be honest with you I don’t think those videos would have been on my channel, had I not started this site. I was only able to buy the camera, tripod, and Microphone used in that video because of this site. In fact, my YouTube channel most likely would have been completely gone at this point if it wasn’t for this site. I simply do not have the time to make free Pokemon videos now that I am an adult with responsibilities to pay for. I think 10 per month is reasonable, considering that is only one hour of work at a minimum wage job, and the site offers around 7 hours of video every month. I do understand your disappointment though, and I’m sorry that I can’t post those type of videos for free anymore. I can set you up with a free month of content if you’d like!

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