A Different Worlds Approach

Hello, Cut or Tap readers! Jeremiah back with another article. This piece is going to be geared towards players competing in the World Championship this month, and I’ll be going over the deck I’ve been putting the most work into, which is metal! This is the deck I played at Nationals, and the changes that come with Steam Siege only make this deck a better play.

Table of Contents

  • Deck list
  • Card explanations
  • Possible techs
  • Match ups

To open with here is my current deck list.

Pokémon – 17 Trainers – 31 Energy – 12
2 Seismitoad EX 4 Professor Sycamore 4 VS Seeker 10 Metal
2 Genesect EX 2 N 3 Max Elixir 2 Double Colorless
4 Bronzor 1 Lysandre 3 Fighting Fury Belt
3 Bronzong 1 AZ 3 Float Stone
1 Bronzong 1 Xerosic 4 Ultra Ball
1 Bronzong BREAK 1 Hex Maniac 1 Sacred Ash
1 Aegislash EX 1 Startling Megaphone
2 Shaymin EX
1 Heatran
2 Reverse Valley

This list is far from the standard Metal you have probably seen. No Sky Fields, no Zoroark, Double Colorless Energy, Seismitoads, etc. For me and my testing, this variant is above and beyond the standard lists and I’m going to go over the differences.

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One thought on “A Different Worlds Approach

  1. We’ve been testing this for a while, love it. I love both Cobalion & Heatran in this meta – especially since you’ll have used one DCE on a Seis early game. there are too many games when you need a fast response without having to dig too much that Cobalion comes in handy. This is also one of those decks that benefits greatly from the second Lysandre.

    What match ups do you want the Hex for? That’s potentially a cut.

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