Singapore Nationals Winning YZG: A Comprehensive Matchup Guide


Hi readers, I am Clifton Goh from Singapore, a Pokemon player from the Masters division and the newest contributor to the Cut Or Tap Website. I hope to churn out more quality content for your benefit and enjoyment for the near future.

In this article, I would like to talk about a favourite deck of mine and a comfort pick all season – YZG. I like its jack-of-all-trades characteristics and the mobility to shift between them, thus affording us plenty of room to outplay adversaries. I believe that it can be (Editor’s note: or was…?) a strong pick for US Nationals. I am aware that fellow writer Phinnegan Lynch wrote about his take on the deck at length, but I assure you readers that the content here will be different – focusing more on matchups and less on lists.

Before we go into the article proper, I would like to share some of my accomplishments in order to give weight to my written word. I don’t believe my local achievements would hold as much interest in the eyes of the readers since comparing them to accomplishments in say, the US or Europe would be like comparing apples to oranges. However, I do have Top 16 and Top 32 placements at recent Worlds historically and I believe that would be good enough to at least allow readers to have faith in my evaluations.

Contents Table

(I) Introduction

(II) The List Of YZG

(III) Matchups Discussion
(i) Vs Night March
(ii) Vs Greninja
(iii) Vs Trevenant
(iv) Vs Waterbox
(v) Vs Metals
(vi) Vs Darktina
(vii) Vs Vespiplume
(viii) Vs Mirror

(IV) Conclusion

Let us begin with my current list that I won Nationals with…

The List Of YZG

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One thought on “Singapore Nationals Winning YZG: A Comprehensive Matchup Guide

  1. Was it difficult to get the turn one Gallade with 13 supporters? I run 7-9 in my list and I feel they often clog, along with an unplayable megaphone if you go first. Is this list designed to get Gallade mid-game? Or do you just hope you stumble upon it?

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