(Rough-) Seize the Day! A Look at Mega Manectric & Water

Hello hello hello! Thanks for coming to Cut or Tap!

I want to go over some quick thoughts about a deck that always seems to perform well, but never wins the big tournaments, and that’s Mega Manectric-EX. This guy can be, and has seemingly been, paired with every Pokemon under the sun. We’ve seen him with Black Kyurem-EX, Genesect-EX, and even the more odd ones like Garbodor DRX, Pyroar FLF, and Aegislash-EX. This just seems to be the inherent beauty of Mega Manectric-EX: it works!  Manectric can get away with so many partners because of the pure consistency of the deck.

I’m not going to waste any time giving you some random intro about the deck; I’ll just give you want you all want – a list! Here is my list that I’m currently testing:

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