Eh!: An Exclusive Look at the 2016 Canadian National Championships

Table of Contents

  1. Article Introduction
  2. My Deck List
  3. My Tournament Report
  4. Top 8 Decks
  5. A Focus on Metal Decks
  6. Championship Point Payout for Canadian Nationals
  7. What about US Nationals?
  8. Closing Thoughts

Article Introduction

Eh! Cut or Tap readers, you are a-boot to go on a crazy Canadian adventure where I will explain what happened at Canadian Nationals (watch out for the igloos and Metal decks)!!! If you read my first article, you would remember that I wanted to play Greninja going into Canadian Nationals and that I had reasonings on why it was a super good deck to play at Nationals. I eventually switched my deck the week of Nationals to something much less frog-like…

I decided to play Trevenant for the main event for a multitude of reasonings:

  1. It was an inherently strong choice for someone who has their World Championship invite
  2. It has very few (or presumed to have very few) bad match-ups
  3. It has answers to its few bad match-ups (by disruption)
  4. It requires no extraneous thought to play for a potential 24+ rounds of games
  5. It is a very consistent deck that steals games over the course of a tournament

I switched from Greninja to Trevenant because I thought the metagame would stay stagnant in Canada from the “Win-a-Trip” event at Origins Game Fair; this would leave very few top players switching to Darkrai/Giratina and leave quite a few players making unexpected choices. I thought the unexpected choices would leave a few inexperienced players playing random decks like Sceptile EX, or the new Serperior, or some of our top players playing Vespiquen-based decks. My assumptions were somewhat right and somewhat wrong, but that is how a tournament works sometimes. Here is the final list for Trevenant that I played at Canadian Nationals:

My Tournament Decklist (Trevenant)

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