Vespiquen’s Still Here! A Top 8 Regionals Deck Review

For my first article for Cut or Tap, I will be discussing my deck that I played last weekend at the Madison Regional Championship. I played this deck to a 7-1-1 on Day 1 finish to place in 3rd seed, and on Day 2, I played to a 9-1-4 finish and ended up 1st seed going into Top 8. Unfortunately, that was the end of my run as I lost to Eric G. playing Trevenant in top cut. Now I’ll be going over my list, an in-depth look at the cards I chose to include, tech cards you can include to gain an edge against certain decks, match-ups and how to play them, and lastly how I feel about this deck going forward with Fates Collide.

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Flareon/Vespiquen Madison Regional’s deck review
  3. Conclusion


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