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New Stage 2 articles are uploaded every Tuesday and Thursday. Stage 1 articles will are also available to Stage 2 subscribers.

Stage 2 articles are written by some of the best players in the competitive scene and contain topics such as:

  • Deck analysis
  • Meta-game discussion
  • Tournament reporting
  • High level theory
  • The state of competitive play

And more.

Articles oftentimes contain the exact lists that these writers will be using at tournaments. We take pride in the sincerity and openness of our articles. The main difference with Cut or Tap writers is the dedication they have to the site. We all want to create good, honest content for our subscribers.

$2 per hour Coaching Discount!

Have you ever wanted to get better at playing pokémon personally with an experienced professional player? Would you like to receive tips and one-on-one advise from the same people you are reading from? Are you an inexperienced player or even completely new to the game? We have professional coaches with different price points who would like to guide you and teach you what they know. If you would like to find out more, you can check out our Coaching Page. With a Stage 2 Membership, you will save $2 for every 1 hour of coaching.

Access to all videos, and Podcasts

Videos are posted on the site about twice a month. Phinnegan Lynch frequently posts matches between some of the game’s top decks. The lists used in these videos are often derived from our articles. This gives you a chance to see the list in action, so that you can get a better understanding of how the list should be used.

Cut or Tap used to upload Podcasts on a weekly basis. While they are no longer being recorded, you can still view the past recordings with a Stage 2 membership. Guests such as Chase moloney, Israel Sosa, and Nathian Beck have appeared on the show.

Other miscellaneous videos like pack openings, or deck profiles are also posted.

All of the other benefits of being a Stage 1 Member

Cut or Tap Memberships are tiered, meaning that all of the benefits from one membership will also include all of the benefits from any memberships below it. In this case, if you apply for a Stage 2 Membership, you will also receive all of the benefits of having a Basic Membership and a Stage 1 Membership.