Phinnegan Lynch

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I am the owner of Cut or Tap, and one of our primary content creators. I am a Regional champion, and was ranked #1 in North America in 2015. I have multiple city championship (League Cup) wins, one states top cut and several Regionals top cuts. In 2015 I made top 32 at both Worlds and Nationals. In 2016 I made top 16 at Nationals. In 2017 I am more focused on helping others with their tournament placings. I plan to attend less tournaments, and focus more on coaching and deck building.

Ryan Bains-Jordan

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I am the Head Administrator and Developer of My role on the website involves a lot of maintenance and problem solving as I am always creating new functionality on top of redesigning parts of the site. I do not have a lot of experience with Pokemon, but I love the games, the tv show and especially the card game. Overall, I work with Phin to create the technical side of Cut or Tap.

Cameron Shenoy

Content Manager
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Andy Hyun

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Hi, everyone!  I've been a competitive Pokemon player for three full seasons.  Although my resume of Pokemon achievements (beyond a Cities win, a T4 and a T8) is still a work in progress, I am happy to serve as Cut or Tap's writing editor!  My experiences as a writing tutor, and my writing-intensive educational background, now allow me to manage CoT's articles and correct grammatical misplays. 😉  I also specialize in making the absurd puns that appear on Virbank City.  Feel free to say hi to me at an event, and in the meantime, enjoy the site!

Hunter Butler

Contributor Editor
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Hale Obernolte

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